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Posted by  Jerry on October 19, 2003 at 08:42:22:

In Reply to:  Re: Felix Trombe solar collector posted by David C on October 14, 2003 at 14:05:47:

I live in central AZ @ 5000 ft el, with a 40F temp swing between night and day. I installed a used 8 ft dual pane sliding door in a 2x4 frame affixed to the windowless exterior wall of a SE facing bathroom of a conventional woodframe ranch home.The plywood siding behind the glass is painted flat black. I originally had it set up in two seperate compartments , lt and rt , in an effort to use one side to preheat the other side to boost air temp, but found it resricted thermosiphon and made enough heat to slump abs pipe to the bottom of the cavity! It is now just open space with a 4" pipe on diagonal corners and thermosiphons vigorously on its own and takes the chill off the bathroom nicely . Air temp holds about 140F regardless of outside temp with a booster fan running (woodstove booster type)and will pull the temp up 10F in about 15 mins in a 10x8 room. I have no thermal mass so it is strictly a daytime benefit. I will be installing one - way flappers to prevent backsiphon at night, i think this will kill the natural siphon by restriction. I installed (behind the glass) an inverted mercury switch thermostat for later use to make the system totally automatic and foolproof, no babysitting required.


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