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Posted by  Monish Das Gupta on January 17, 2004 at 17:45:20:

In Reply to:  Affordable housing for all continents - easily adapted posted by Mal Lowe on April 26, 2003 at 23:09:47:

Kolkata, India
17th Jan 2004
Dear Sir,
Sub: Low Cost Housing
• I’m an engineer employed with M/s IVRCL Infrastructures & Projects Ltd. – adjudged the fastest growing construction company in India; annual turnover of 140 million USD
• I’m the regional head responsible for business development in the 12 states of eastern & north eastern India
• I’ve an immediate business potential for constructing one million houses for one of the states; if successful all other states will follow with similar requirement

Basic Criteria:
• A dwelling consisting of a room 10ft x 20ft or 3.125m x 6.250m with atleast one door & one window, an attached open verandah 6ft x 20ft or 2m x 6.250m with just a roof
• A cluster of 15 nos. of above dwellings will have 5 nos. toilet (each 3.2ft x 6.4ft or 1m x 2m) plus a bore well with hand pump in a cemented floor 10ft x 20ft or 3.125m x 6.250m located separately
• The above cluster of dwellings, toilet & washing facilities will be such that the cost to the family residing in each dwelling is limited Rupees Sixty Thousand or 1200 USD
• The design shall be such that a group of 12 workers (mechanical & civil) can construct the above cluster in one month; raw material/construction material, pre -fabrication, handling, transportation & construction costs should add up to the above limit of Rupees Sixty Thousand or 1200 USD

Alternative In-puts:
• A cluster of 5 nos. steel houses weighing approx. 1.2 tons structured from square hollow sections, cold rolled sheets for walls/door/window, galvanized corrugated sheet roofing, flooring from 10 inch or 250 mm boulder along with 10 inch or 250 mm skirting of clay bricks, considering very nominal transportation cost is currently being assembled over a period of two months with a cumulative cost of Rupees Eighty Thousand or 1600 USD (without toilet & washing facilities)
• A cluster of 5 nos. dwellings from clay bricks with cement mortar, wooden door & window, transportation, etc. but without toilet & washing facilities will cost approx Rupees Seventy Five or 1500 USD and take ten weeks to construct
• Traditional mud floor & wall dwellings with thatched roof & community toilet plus washing facilities may be possible within the required budget but will take twelve to fourteen weeks to construct, will be difficult to organize and lack the aesthetics of the above two alternatives
• HDPE or appropriate form of plastic can be arranged in India for constructing such dwellings but a suitable design/source is not known to suit the above Basic Criteria

I’ll be obliged if you can immediately respond with alternative design/source to suit the above Basic Criteria or something which is close to the same. I need to respond within the following week. Once a technical solution is derived, then we will have atleast a month to formalise all commercial terms & conditions and identify local sources for raw materials, etc. Please email details to me on priority.

Thank you.

Monish Das Gupta.


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