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Message - Fairly new to Standards and procedures for CAD Design

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Posted by  JEvans on January 25, 2004 at 09:14:17:

I am a Fire Planner as well as all walk fo security, I do receive files from A & Es. The past year what I have done with CAD is all self taught. I am just now getting into 3-D wire framing which plays tricks on your mind if not focused. I may know how to draw to scale and everything is perfect, however I don't know standards and proceedures. It seems very frequently the A & E firms send me CAD files and not attach the X-reference or include it. And its been like pulling teeth to get it from them. I understand the copyrights and what not. However, if I have no choice but to rebuild the remainder of the print from taking measurements in the field. Does this Cause any legal problems. I have been looking online and reading books. I have not found an answer that is clear.


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