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Posted by  JWmHarmon on February 23, 2004 at 08:33:38:

In Reply to:  dishwasher posted by Jennifer Wade on February 20, 2004 at 12:28:46:

The cheap way:

Remove the old broken dishwasher. Attach the portable water supply and drain to the old connections (this may require new hoses)and do some "Martha Stewart" decorating by putting a curtain in front of the dishwasher opening. Approximate cost: $30-$200

The inexpensive way:

Do the same as above except that you would have a carpenter build a cabinet face to surround the portable dishwasher. You could try to match the color of your cabinets or you could do this in a contrasting color. The expense would depend on the quality of the materials used to build in the protable dishwasher.
Approximate cost: $100-$800

The expensive way:

Remove all of the kitchen cabinets. Design the new cabinets to specifically accomodate the portable dishwasher.
Approximate cost: $1000-$19,000 or more

The ultra-expensive way:

Decide that what you really need is a new kitchen. Bump out the kitchen wall, replace all the cabinets, the flooring, redecorate the walls, and buy a new built in dishwasher and all other new appliances in the process.
Approximate cost: $10,000 - $60,000 or more

The most expensive way:

Buy a new built-in dishwasher and build a new house around it. Donate the portable dishwasher to a needy family.
Approximate cost: $100,000 - $900,000 or more

The "Teaching your child responsibility way:"

Throw out the old dishwasher (or leave it in place), store the portable, tell the kids that they are now the official dishwashers and that they will have to do dishes the old-fashioned way; they will have to take turns washing and drying the dishes themselves. When they refuse to do the dishes, tell them that they can eat as soon as the dishes are done from the previous meal, and not a moment sooner. (My parents actually did this when my brother and sisters and I were growing up on the farm in northwestern Ohio; we didn't have a dishwasher (we had four dishwashers).)

Approximate cost: $20 for dishcloths and dish towels, unless you buy designer or custom made or monogrammed ones. Then the cost would be somewhat higher. Martha Stewart could show you how to sew and monogram these yourself in a nice cross-stitch pattern reflecting the uniques design elements already present in your kitchen. Sewing kit and two yards of material - Approximate cost: $30 You could also buy the kids one of those craft kits where they make there own dishcloths.

We will save the "How to make a spinning jenny from an old exercise bicycle" for another time. With this the kids could spin their own thread and make their own cloth on their homebuilt loom made from old mop handles. The truly frugal would use their old, too small clothes to make the dish towels and quilts for the bed.


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