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Message - Figuring Sq.Ft.

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Posted by  Mike on March 10, 2004 at 20:51:49:

I'm just a schmo who likes to draw floor plans for grins. Having been in our new digs (with which I 'helped' a real designer extensively) just under four years, I'm already doodling plans for our next house.

I understand that in the real estate game square footage is a crap shoot; everybody has their own way of figuring total SqFt. So I thought I ask people who _really_ know. I'll also guess that the question I am about to ask has been asked a bazillion times already. But when I compare my 1/8"=1ft drawings and SqFt estimates to those grocery store plan book drawings and their stated SqFtg, it seems like I'm adding up WAY to much. So here goes bazillion-1....

How do you pros figure total square footage in a floor plan? What included (stair landings/entrances?), what's not (Closets? The spot where the shower goes?). A list of guidlines would be smashing. I'd sure appreciate it.


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