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Message - Low cost housing needed in your country?

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Posted by  moladi Construction Technologies on March 12, 2004 at 13:10:50:

moladi is a local manufacturer (Port Elizabeth, South Africa) and global supplier of a fast track building system that offers: -

An affordable technique to effectively build low cost, durable, earthquake, cyclone resistant shelter, whilst maintaining acceptable design aesthetics for social acceptability amongst a wide range of cultures
An alternative way to enable and empower sections of society by providing a building technology that encourages self participation
A cost effective, holistic design and build technology, that far outweighs many of today's retrofit schemes designed to strengthen existing poorly designed structures by demonstrating the use of moladi as opposed to costly solid concrete-block or masonry structures
A realistic modern alternative to overcoming the widespread misuse of scarce materials, particularly timber, by introducing a system that combines moladi with other indigenous materials suitable for easy handling

We provide and assist in:

1. On site training and video
2. Technical manuals and support
3. Design or Architectural assistance
4. Professional Engineering support
5. Quality procedures
6. Suppliers and Purchasing databases
7. Formulation of Contractual Agreements
8. Advertising and Marketing assistance
9. Proprietary Technology
10. Software packages
11. Information Technology Data Bases

Creating job opportunities and facilitating the speedy delivery of much needed, low cost quality houses, clinics, schools etc. Communities are trained and assisted to build their own houses quicker and for less than conventional brick and mortar.

You are invited to visit our website at: to have a look at the advantages that warrant moladi being awarded the prestigious South African Bureau of Standards Design Award and how you, your organization and communities can benefit from this Technology


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