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Message - Bamboo and Mud house building workshop.

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Posted by  junOrchid on March 13, 2004 at 14:17:58:

Bamboo and Mud house building workshop.

May 20th -27th 2004

86 M 2 Baan Pasakloung Junjawa Maechan Chiangrai, 57270 Thailand

The mud house, is a low cost house which is cool in summer and warm in winter. It is not only easy to build, but also strong, beautiful and artistic. Therefore, it is another alternative for those who want to build their own houses.

The developmental nature program, which is run by junOrchid Artisan Group, is pleased to invite you to learn how to build a mud house, bamboo furniture and local bamboo toys.

The developmental nature program is a program which aims to preserve thai plants, to pass on knowledge of the use of these plants for foods, medicines and locally made products, and to pass on knowledge which enables people in the community to live in harmony with nature.

- Building an community mud shop.
- Learning how to make toys from bamboo.
- Learning how to make furniture from bamboo.
- In the evening, there are several activities, for example, learning Lanna Art and Culture, (Sa-lor, Sung, Pin-pia – Lanna musical instruments), and discussing with the famous Chaingrai activists.

- Joan Jandi
A thai mud house guru, who has traveled around the world to present the mud house construction method. He is an intellectual who has lived his life in a simple but happy way. He is named by Joa- Jai (A Thai Talk show program) as the “Great poor guy”.

- Group of elders.
This is a local organization formed by a collaboration of young and elderly people, which intends to create the understanding between all ages in the community through the bamboo toys. The elders pass on their experiences to the youngsters through the toys. The organization has received the Osaka award. More details about the award can be found at

Father Rien Taewada
A lanna philosopher, who has an interesting ideas on living. He is a local northern artist who makes his living from natural agriculture, and producing famous northern bamboo-made furniture.

Both Thai and English. There will be translators to assist.

Organic foods. Vegetarian foods will be provided.

$300 – $800 for the whole 7 day, which includes registration fee, foods, administrative and equipment fee. All money will go to the program and will be used to establish a developmental nature learning center. The objective of the center is to collect information on thai plants and how to preserve them and to distribution this information worldwide.

** Once the program has finished, you can choose to stay longer to Free learn other interesting local wisdom such as Lanna music, bamboo hut construction, bamboo hut weaving, Lanna self-defence art, Thai cooking etc.

- May 20th -27th 2004

- The learning center for development. Nong-manora Baan Pasakloung Junjawa Maechan Chiangrai Thailand 57270

How to get there

- From Chiangrai Bus terminal, take a bus “ Chiangrai to Chiangsan”,
- Get off at the path to Janjawa Withayakom School, Baan Pasakloung.
- Walk up around 100 meters, until you see our office, an old wood-made house, with the sign “junOrchid Artisan Group”.

Distance – 40 kilometers from Chiangrai, located on 11th – 12th Kilometer, MaeJan – Chiangsan Road

*** See you there on May 19th, 2004.


To register or obtain more details, please contact

Chaturonk Boonjom (Eak)

JunOrchid Artisan Group
86 M 2 Baan Pasakloung Junjawa Maechan Chiangrai, zipcode 57270
Tel +66 6 922 3087 , +66 5 3 775051

Things you needed to bring
- Tent, personal belongings, flashlight , slippers, extra clothes (that can be made dirty) for the muddy.
- Digital camera, Camcorder and notebook
- Pictures, books, stories, for sharing experience with others.

Please Note.
- More description at :


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