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Posted by  camotor on March 17, 2004 at 16:18:21:

In Reply to:  Low cost housing needed in your country? posted by moladi Construction Technologies on March 12, 2004 at 13:10:50:

Dear Sir,

I have visited your website and would like you to answer some very important questions.

The structure in your desing although a good idea does not seem very big. How many bedrooms does it have? what bathroom facilities? kitchen or food preperation facilities? What about a lounge or recreation area? What type of floor finish does it have? How many times can the formwork be used? How are plumbing and electrical services installed? These may not be available at the time of construction so how do you deal retrofitting of these services?

In general when designing low cost housing we need to adequately answer all the above questions because we are dealing with human life and not cattle.

In your design you have obviously produced a strong and durable structure but you have left out some very important considerations in your design. Beside the points listed above you need to consider that the durability of the building is only limited to the weakest member. In you case this is the roof. You have also remarked about the buildings superior thermal properties but in your case the roof is still tin. Is the roof insulated? It should be considered that the major heat absorbtion into any building is through the roof.

Finally we come to the biggest point of all. What will this system cost??? I envisage that it will be a high price for four walls.

What is the alternative???

The Camotor system has been professionally designed over a period of five years with close consideration being had to all the points noted above and can stand up to any scrutenering. I believe that we have the most carefully assembled low cost housing system in the world.

Interisted parties should e mail requesting a brochure of the Camotor Low Cost Housing System.


Peter Camilleri


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