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Posted by  Andy on April 01, 2004 at 07:56:59:

In Reply to:  Re: dishwasher posted by Jon on February 23, 2004 at 09:44:17:


I'm responding late and you may have already solved this situation. If so, feel free to hit delete, but I didn't see any real answers to your question. Here's my two cents: depending on the brand, the portable dishwasher is likely EXACTLY the same as a built in except that near the end of the assembly line it didn't go directly into the cardboard box but instead received a metal housing, fake butcherblock top, wheels and hoses. I've converted two of these to built-ins by simply removing the extra pieces (the metal housing, top and wheels) and installing almost the same way as with a built in. They're the same size (requires a 24" opening) and they function the same. In one case I was even able to use the existing hoses. If they'll reach and are in good shape, you can cut the connector off the end and you now have a discharge hose to put in place of the old discharge hose and a supply hose to connect into your hot water supply. On the other hand, since the old one was already plumbed, you can likely use the old discharge hose and the old supply line. You might need $2-3 dollars worth of additional fittings, but other than that your all set.
A potential fly in the ointment is that with some models, the frame that supports the diswasher is integrated into the metal housing. If this is the case, it may still fit into the opening from your old dishwasher (remove the wheels and top) but your plumbing gets more complex. Hope this helps. The other posts seemed more tounge in cheek than helpful.


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