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Posted by  Peter Camilleri on April 14, 2004 at 15:24:15:

In Reply to:  housing, let's solve the problems. posted by Terry L. Walker, AIA on April 08, 2004 at 09:10:30:

Dear Terry,

There are many designers like myself that have been working extensively on the mass housing systems that you are talking about. You need only surf the net under the heading of low cost housing to realise how many companies have designed a system of housing that is deliverable to the masses.

I like all the other producers i'm sure are not able to fund the billion dollars required to construct only one of these projects. Thus we advertise and try to get in with governments in an attempt to get them to finance the projects. I have stated on many ocassion that the principle of low cost housing from a commercial company perspective is that builders like myself are willing to make an infitisimle profit from each housing unit. For example I was asked to modify my system into a minimilistical housing design for the sole purpose of providing shelter to the masses in India. They have an immediate requirement for over one million housing units. To make if feesable they needed a design that could be delivered with a final cost of less that $1200.00 US. I was willing to provide my system, training, supervision, and quality control systems for as little as $5 per housing unit. Yes you read it correctly $5 per housing unit. This creates a two way streak. India gets its housing at a cheaper price that it had requested and my company still achieves commercial viability.

The relevant people involved with the project have never made contact with me past the first. I believe that the millions will never be housed until we can get rid of high level corruption in these developing countries.

Yours Sincerly

Peter Camilleri


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