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Posted by Paolo Valietti on June 13, 1997 at 03:42:02:

We’re developing 3D applications which make a wide use of 3DMF technology and we are interested in the new RENDER PLUG-IN functionalities.
We develop most of our software (which must be multiplatform and above all usable by the largest number of users) in MacroMedia Director which, with the 3DMFXtra, allows us to import and handle 3DMF files into DIR. projects.

Our plan achive a complete solution is basing our develop on these steps:

1) 3D Modelling with ModelShop or DesignWorkshop (‘cause of the problems we met with the newest release of Strata).

2) 3D Rendering: most of the ambients will be developed with QD3D trimesh objects to give lighting effects to the scene.... we are LOOGKING FOR THE SOFTWARE WHICH CAN GENERATE 3DMF file with these stuffs (WALKER has these kind of effects... we suppose that the LIGHTWORK superLite Plug-in doesn’t do the job... are we WRONG?).
Another kind of interactive ambient will be developed by the use of LIFESTYLES by THINKFISH: we suppose that with these plug-in we can can add those cool looks with every software that supports QD3D 1.5.1 architecture plug-in.

3) 3D integration: thanks to its easy-to-use interface and support, we think we develop the software in DIRECTOR. We still tried the old XTRA and we suppose that it does not support the use of the newest QD3D capabilities: are we still wrong? We was disappointed with the lowest performance of the XTRA and we are looking towards C or C++ applications: do you think that could be a REAL better way to work?

Every suggestion in order to make the best investment is welcome as well as every interesting support that colud help us to solve these aspects of the the 3D integration into wide spread multimedia applications.

Paolo Valietti (Product Manager)

MoltiMedia is a stuff of developers, graphics, artists which covers every aspect of high tech solutions expecially for kiosks, interactive CDs, internet sites.
Our best references come form the position of QTVR leader in italian market.

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