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Posted by Mike Wheeler on June 17, 1997 at 18:17:56:

In Reply to: 3DMF integrations posted by Paolo Valietti on June 13, 1997 at 03:42:02:

Great questions, Paolo. I hope I can give you some real answers here.

> Our plan achive a complete solution is basing our develop on these steps:
> 1) 3D Modelling with ModelShop or DesignWorkshop (‘cause of the problems
> we met with the newest release of Strata).

Sounds good. DesignWorkshop should prove to be a very capable and appropriate modeler for the sort of work you have in mind.

> 2) 3D Rendering: most of the ambients will be developed with QD3D trimesh
> objects to give lighting effects to the scene.... we are LOOGKING FOR THE
> SOFTWARE WHICH CAN GENERATE 3DMF file with these stuffs (WALKER has these
> kind of effects... we suppose that the LIGHTWORK superLite Plug-in doesn’t
> do the job... are we WRONG?).

DesignWorkshop 1.7 (shipping within 30 days) will produce 3DMFs that are mostly trimesh geometry. This should result in substantial improvement over models which use only mesh geometry with QuickDraw 3D 1.5.1. We don't really know how other modelers might use trimeshes in their 3DMFs.

If the Director XTRA for QuickDraw 3D was written for QuickDraw 3D 1.0.6 then it might not support trimeshes. The trimesh geometry type was introduced in QuickDraw 3D 1.5.

DesignWorkshop does not currently store illumination values in the geometry, as was done for the LightWorks examples. For a level of effects similar to the output of the Apple QD3D Interactive Renderer, we could add this capability to DW fairly easily. For a higher level of effects, since we are already using LightWorks rendering in DW 1.6, it would be technically straightforward to integrate the more specialized LightWorks radiosity code into DW.

Let's discuss this further so we can understand your needs and look at how best to meet them.

> Another kind of interactive ambient will be
> developed by the use of LIFESTYLES by THINKFISH: we suppose that with these
> plug-in we can can add those cool looks with every software that supports
> QD3D 1.5.1 architecture plug-in.

DesignWorkshop 1.6 and 1.7 support all known QuickDraw 3D plug-in renderers, including ThinkFish.

> 3) 3D integration: thanks to its easy-to-use interface and support, we think
> we develop the software in DIRECTOR. We still tried the old XTRA and we suppose
> that it does not support the use of the newest QD3D capabilities: are we still
> wrong? We was disappointed with the lowest performance of the XTRA and we are
> looking towards C or C++ applications: do you think that could be a REAL better
> way to work?

I guess this depends on how up-to-date the QuickDraw 3D XTRA for Director is. If it is based on QuickDraw 3D 1.0.6 then it will not support plug-in renderers and may not support trimeshes. We'll look into the issues here and get back to you.

It sounds like you are doing some exciting things with 3D modeling. We are quite interested in supporting your work with our technology.

Mike Wheeler

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