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Posted by  Mike Wheeler on November 02, 1998 at 18:00:35:

In Reply to:  Re: CLASSIC size limitations posted by Gutz on November 02, 1998 at 17:16:52:

Hello Gary

>a wallified block (is it 1 or 4)

A block is one object, when you wallify it, it becomes four objects. An extrusion is one object, when you wallify the number of objects is equal to the number of sides of the extrusion.

>a 2D line or figure

A 2d line is one object, a 2D polyline is one object, a 2D circle is one object, etc.

>a text item (0, 1/item, 1/character...)

Text (from the Text Tool) is drawn on top of the model as 2D pixels. It is not saved with the model and counts as 0 objects.

>an extruded 2D item of continuous line segments

If by continuous line segments you mean a polyline, which is one object, then this remains one object when you extrude it.

>an extruded 2d item of seperate line segments

If the lines are individual lines, and not a polyline, each line is an object, so each extrusion of that line is an object.

>an imported DXF item (does it depend on the # of parts?)

Each entity in the Dxf comes in as an object in DesignWorkshop. If the DXF is all lines, each line is one object. If the DXF is polylines, each polyline is one object.

One line is one object.
One polyline is one object.
One block is one object.
One extrusion is one object.
One polyhedron is one object.

Openings are not individual objects, rather they are parts of an object. A block with an opening in it is one object. A block with two hundred openings in it is one object.

I hope this clears things up.


Mike Wheeler

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