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Message - "Real" lighting specs / analysis

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Posted by  gary veasy on November 05, 1998 at 09:06:48:

I think I may have asked this before in an email but am now unclear of the reply at the time if so.

I am curious if there are any plans to provide or attempts to evaluate the provision of material definitions or lighting symbols for actual (generic non propriatary at least) light fixtures, both interior and exterior? That is to say, sometimes you may want to study the lighting effect of a 100w incandescent versus a 125w cool white flourescent strip fixture. Your design may need to be "tweaked" one way or another to adjust for these lighting differences or lights may want to be added or removed. I know DW is NOT a lighting analysis program. However we have available at our fingertips, Radiance, the strongest most powerful lighting and rendering package available. We endeavor to make our models as realistic as possible but then the lighting we plug in is sometimes most often just a trial and error kind of thing and we keep rendering until it "appears" right, with no knowledge of how much light is truely needed in the room to achieve the "effect" shown in the rendering. We all intuitively know a 100W incandescent bulb will marginally light a 10x12 bedroom, but will not provide task lighting. However in certain less intuitive situations it would be beneficial to plug "actual realtime light specs" into the model to see the effects of lighting, as lighting plays such a key role in design.

I am rambling here but you get my drift I am sure.Can you share your plans if any, Artifice, on this issue and,users, is this important or am I being too anal about this?


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