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Posted by  gary veasy on November 05, 1998 at 21:05:14:

In Reply to:  Re: "Real" lighting specs / analysis posted by Kevin Matthews on November 05, 1998 at 17:42:23:


Thanks so much for your reply. You make some very good points regarding the reflective value of the surrounding surfaces. However, I am guessing that this is the least of our collective worries and these could be determined pretty accurately. Very valid however.

In terms of the types of light, I tend to agree...There would be quite a laundry list. Perhaps users could comment here but I would say several incandescents, downlights and spots (both flourescent and halide perhaps), flourescents, metal halide parking lot lights and wallpacks. You are right- the list could go on and on. Is there a way to make it collaborative with say a manufacturer or company that specializes in this type of data? (Assuming the issue is the data but perhaps it is tooling the App...) Perhaps they could do some of the work in provding data and they get some rights or something...I don't know...I am stretching here perhaps. Perhaps we could all take a shot at a list but my preference at least would be 8' flourescent tubes, wattage undetermnined right now, for obvious reasons.

Kevin as you know I for one am always willing to help. Perhaps we should discuss a way for me (and other users?) to give you a hand if that works with your program....why not? let us users do some of the work if you can trust us! ie the quality of our work! lol Let us be part of the people-hours solution!

As far as "Alternatively, work with us, and we can make constant, slow, incremental progress, with real tools you can really use (...end sermon).", I am a-ok with that. As you know I can be rather anxious but you are making definite progress ands I like the direction you are going. I for one would NEVER say DW sucks!! (*sorry couldnt refuse!*)

Lastly and more importantly on the commercial, promotional side, DW IS just as you say...and Im sorry if I sould like a commercial here but it is a way to "quickly whip out a simple space in DesignWorkshop, plop in accurate light sources
in a few seconds, and then render the scene in a few minutes with photometric accuracy using Radiance Online. " Very quickly and accurately and with nice looking results. No complaint there! Why else would I have a webpage that plugs you guys so strongly?

Lastly, you know my priorities. I am always striving for Nirvana! However I just thought it was worth asking. Now that I have opened this issue up (or can of worms?) perhaps the product shots ARE a more worthwhile and short-term target! *l*

Thanks again for your reply Kevin! Email me if you'd like to discuss the collaborative solution issue I brought up above....


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