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Posted by  Kevin Matthews on November 07, 1998 at 22:14:16:


**** ***   Artifice Update   ***   Wednesday, November 4 1998   *** ****

     In this issue:

     News -       Artifice Traffic Grows To 1,000,000
     Specials -   New Club Classic Confidential Owners Area
     Tips -       User Guide Now Online
     Tips -       Arithmetic at Object Info
     Academic -   Academic Pricing Now Self-Service
     Rendering -   LightWorks Upgrade Online
     Rendering -   Online Lighting Simulation
     Plus -       Coming Attractions...

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News -- Artifice Traffic Grows To 1,000,000

We have logged more than 75,000 new visitors to the Artifice web areas
since the October edition of Artifice Update, and our visitors viewed
more than 1,000,000 items over the same period. Thousands of Internet
users voting with your feet are spreading the word about our creative 3D
design tools and the appreciation of beautiful design. Thank you!

Record sales online at the Artifice Store are pacing the growth in
traffic at our web site, and we are proud to lead the growing
architectural design community online with a wealth of internet
initiatives. We're building from free access to DesignWorkshop Lite and
the Great Buildings Online, to our new online User Guide and the recently
released Radiance Online lighting simulation system. For this growing
community of people, products, and information working together for
architecture and spatial design, the sky's the limit!

Please read on for Artifice news, and drop by our site for everything
from great prices on design software, to pretty pictures and
scintillating discussion, at:

   Foyer -
   Store -
   Discussion -
   Great Buildings -


Specials -- Owners Areas for DW Classic and DW Pro

Now, registered owners of DesignWorkshop Classic have their own
confidential online area, with private discounts on online purchases and
free downloading of DesignWorkshop Classic software updates and

Private discounts are available now on PowerCADD, ModelPAK, Art*lantis,
ArtBeats, Lightscape, AutoCAD LT 98, DesignTextures, and more!

We've given this new web area the catchy name of "Club Classic" to help
us all remember to spread the word. If you're a registered owner of
DesignWorkshop Classic, to receive your free access code, just send
e-mail to "" with the subject of "Club Classic
Access", and include your software registration number in the body of
the message.

DesignWorkshop Classic owners, we look forward to hearing from you!

   Club Classic -


Tips -- DesignWorkshop User Guide Online

The DesignWorkshop User Guide is now available free online. Together
with the online tutorials and the free download version of DesignWorkshop
Lite, this valuable software reference completes the open access 3D

Great benefits of the online User Guide even for experienced users
include integration into the Artifice indexed site search. Now one
search draws from the user guide, tutorials, online hints and tips, and
even the questions and answers throughout our message board and archives.
And it includes convenient catalogs of the standard textures and 3D
library objects.

Now, wherever there's a web browser, the DesignWorkshop User Guide is
right at your finger tips (bookmark now for future reference!):

   User Guide Online -
   Artifice Search -


Tips -- Object Info Arithmetic

With DesignWorkshop 1.8, the Object Info box supports simple in-line
arithmetic in all the coordinate and dimension fields.

So, for instance, if you have a block which measures 12'6" east-west, the
E-W size field in the Object Info box will read [ 12'6" ]. If you want
this block to be 16" longer in this dimension, you can just type that
into the E-W field, so it reads like [ 12'6"+16" ]. When you hit the
return key, the addition will go into effect, so the field will read [
13'10" ], and the block will stretch to this exact size.

You can use the same technique to move an object or group upward or
downward by a set amount, by adding or subtracting in the Location z
field of the Object Info box. And, the Object Info box also supports
mixed units, so for instance you can add half a meter (0.5m) even when
the working units are set to feet and inches.


Academic -- Academic Pricing Available Online

Are you a student or teacher of art, design, architecture, stagecraft, or
a related field? Could DesignWorkshop add a little something to your
educational environment - or become the cornerstone of your innovative 3D
digital design curriculum?

As a dedicated supporter of education at every level, Artifice provides
deep academic discounts to guarantee that the cost factor will not stop
you from learning and teaching in the live 3D design revolution. From
simply installing DesignWorkshop Lite for free in the computer lab, up to
site licenses for DesignWorkshop Professional with accessories, we would
be honored to meet your educational needs for 3D design tools.

Now with self-service access to our academic price list and policies, it
is easier than ever to explore the options for academic applications of
DesignWorkshop. It's just about the shortest form of the internet, at:


Rendering -- LightWorks Upgrade Online

For DesignWorkshop Professional owners who like to live on the leading
edge of the curve, updates to the LightWorks rendering plug-ins are
available for downloading in the Confidential area. These plug-ins will
be included on our shipping product CD-ROMs once they have been
completely tested, but for adventurous souls, they are available right
now online. Benefits include higher resolution shadow-casting (given
enough RAM) and also much improved hidden-line renderings.

   LightWorks Gallery -
   LightWorks Update -


Rendering -- Online Lighting Simulation

It's not just the highest quality architectural rendering anywhere at any
price, but also a sophisticated lighting simulation system with zero
up-front investment. Radiance Online is ready to go 24 hours a day,
rendering from direct output DesignWorkshop Professional files.

Beautiful renderings at 512x512 resolution are still completely free,
including automatic daylighting with the built-in photometrically
accurate C.I.E sky model:

   Radiance Gallery -
   Radiance Online -


Plus -- Coming Attractions...

Environmental Design Initiative

Artifice conducts ongoing long-term research in new design tools and
applications, as well as constant product-oriented R&D. One area our
research focuses in is tools for environmentally sensitive design, such
as reduced building energy consumption through better conceptual design

Sometimes, for a moment, the stars get aligned just right, and we have an
opportunity to jump a research application into the real world quickly.
We think this is about to happen with a unique Solar Collector Locator
tool, which you can preview at:

Also in progress is the next set of the gorgeous, amazing ModelPAK
3D object libraries for DesignWorkshop from ByteSyze Studio. For a
preview, follow the link below, scroll down the list of objects to
"-> Coming Soon", and then click there. (You'll need QuickTime
software - if you don't already have it, you can find a download
link in the Artifice site index.)

And please stayed tuned over coming weeks as the wraps come off new
features, new accessories, and more. And if you have any questions,
as always, we truly do look forward to hearing from you!


  Artifice, Inc.
  creative tools for spatial design
  1342 High Street Building . Eugene, Oregon . 97401 . USA
  800.203.8324 toll free . 541.345.7421 voice . 541.345.7438 fax

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