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Posted by  J. Peter Horne on November 10, 1998 at 08:41:18:

In Reply to:  J Peter Horne posted by kenkuhlman on November 10, 1998 at 06:37:09:


High praise indeed. I'm not sure I feel comfortable wearing such a crown, especially when Kevin ( is looking over my shoulder and has more knowledge on the subject than I'll ever have.

Now that I've covered my a*#, here's what I know:

Rhapsody (or what is now being called OS X Server) will not let you play PC CD's. Rhapsody will run on PC's and therefore if you had a PC ........... Not what your looking for.

FYI. There was talk recently that OS X Server was not going to be released. I've read reports going both ways on the issue of whether it will be released or not. Last I heard it will be. It makes you wonder though.

I've done both solutions concerning running PC software on my Mac. As I'm sure your aware of a PCI board is your fastest and most expensivwe option. Right now I'm running Softwindows 98 on my 292mhz G3 powerbook. It's not bad. But then again I'm just using it for web site development and nothing to intensive. I think games will be unbearably slow.

I've heard that Mac games are on the rise. I personally try to stay away from them. I try to have a life, although my fiancee' might disagree. I believe the latest MacWorld had a good review concerning them ( I skipped over that one).

My suggestion is since Christmas is right around the corner, tell your son to hold his britches and see what Santa Mac will bring. Doing the PC thing will either cost to much money or won't have the performance your looking for.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

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