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Posted by  Kevin Matthews on November 13, 1998 at 16:05:45:

In Reply to: posted by J. Peter Horne on November 13, 1998 at 13:38:56:

Hi Peter,

I'm so glad you have noticed our new message board domain name.

With this new domain name, the Artifice message board gets a little more independent identity, which we think is appropriate to the open nature of public participation in this multi-topic forum.

With this new domain name, regular users get the convenience of being able to jump straight to the forum from anywhere in web world, simply by typing "designcommunity" in the browser location bar, and hitting return.

And with this new domain name, web users around the world will benefit from being able to find these pages more easily. This is because search engines give higher priority to a page at the top level of a domain, than to an identical page lower in a directory structure. (Moronic, like many practices of some of the big search engines, but true.)

Hooray! Cheering! Jubilation!

Now, here's what really you want to know about. In fact, the actual message board pages have not moved at all. You can even still access them manually through the Artifice directory structure, if you prefer the longer URL. This page, for instance, still lives in exactly the same place, at It is on the same disk, on the same server, at the same location, with the same multiple redundant network connections. The new domain address "" is currently just a virtual domain, a kind of internet alias, which we have set up to use this message board as its default page.

Until recently the domain address "" was also a virtual domain. It may be of interest to know that Great Buildings _has_ recently been moved to a different physical server, to accommodate ongoing dramatic traffic growth.

The net result should be that "" and "" are faster, with the high-traffic GBC site (60K hits/day and growing) moved to different hardware. Perhaps you were just experiencing some of the transient performance variations which are really unavoidable on the public network. However, if there is a server-local explanation for the slowness you experienced, we definitely want to isolate and correct it ASAP. Therefore we to have forwarded your performance concerns to our hosting service for detailed investigation.

Next question?

;  )


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