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Posted by  JOHN WALKER on November 15, 1998 at 04:51:14:

destroying architecture
Sun, 15 Nov 1998 07:40:44 -0800

Re: destroying architecture
Sun, 15 Nov 1998 07:08:04 -0800
HELP in trying to stop the destruction of WREN buildings in

Who is interested ?How to you get the message out ?1


Time for Christ Church

One day in Spring a visitor came
>From that time on things were not the same.

The findings that day struck him as strange
So the next day he returned to find it again.

Again and again as the sun shadowed the day
New questions he asked as he studied the ray

Then lo and behold it struck him in the face
As the light beam landed on the holiest place.

On true Easter day in the Spring of '88
He stood in awe and could hardly wait.

Too see if his time had all been a loss
But no, for the sun's ray haloed the cross.

And with this occurrence he began the long task of answering all the
questions that his mind could ask,

So hours and hours of time he has spent
He's found all his answers but won't be content.

Til all around him could see and understand The awesome attraction that
graces this land

That a structure so perfect allowed to devise By use of great talent,
and skill all wise

A place so engracing the heavens above
It must have been crafted with diligent love.

Twas planned and placed, and charted to plot And meticulously structured
on this earthly spot.

No other location could do this trick
For the heaven's illuminate makes this church tick

What a glorious gift from an architects mind To honor the heavens with
shadows of time.

God surely must smile when heavenly lights shine. For this church is
truly his heavenly shrine.

For by sunbeams and starlight and the moon as it shines. His minutes and
days and his seasons unwind

The days and the months are all over the place With patience and awe the
time can be traced

Now how is this so? This question you ask
Ah! With eyes, my friend, you can see at last.

Just count the days of the seasons my friend You can see them here time
and time again.

You know thec seasons that number four.
The Key Escutchieon marks it on the West door.

By counting the coursecs of brick of the walls
Mark off the days of the seasonal calls.

Again the markings of the seasons have we,
By thie numbers of wings in this church we see.

And how many months of the year are there?
Count the pulpit canopy inlays here.

And on the canopy we too can see The seasons are divided equally.

How many hours on your watch can you you find? Twelve, you say, does
that blow your mind?

Again the hours can be counted clear
By the number of large windows that we see here.

How many hours are there in each day?
North and South door panels give this answer away.

The hours and months can be interchanged
And the counts or numbers are always the same.

Lets count on to see what else we find.
Do you need more facts to convince your mind?


How many pews in this church can you see? Twenty-six, you say, now how
can this be?

Just how many weeks in a year, my friend? You,ve counted the pews, just
count them again.

Want to go deeper and look for more clues?
The testing of numbers is all up to you.

How many days from Spring to Fall?
Count the West door's dentils to help you recall.

And if that fails to give you the clue,
The characters on David's stone will answer you.

Just count them once and twice it my friend And Spring to Fall is
counted again.

Now for you folks who really study time,
Let's look on and see what else we can find.

Count the dentils over the North and South doors.
One hundred and sixity, you can get no more?

For that is how many days of the year this calender church keeps time

Let's talk of days, what else do we find?
Well the Solstice numbers were here all the time.

>From watertable to cornice these courses you count. It numbers Solstice
to Equinox and again '94's' the amount.

'94' you say you' ve heard that before.
Characters on David yes, count thiem oncce more.

Brick in the North and South pediments are the same. And again '94' is
the number to blame.

>From equinox to Solstice the counts are the same. And from Solstice to
Equinox you may count them again.

We've done this number many times before And still the count is '94.

We've counted the seasons, the months and the year
AND the Equinox days are now pretty clear.

But where can we see days counted again.?
Just look on the stone of one of these men.

David counts the Eequinox: the seasonal call. And John counts the days
and He counts them all.

For 52 weeks make up each year.
And John's characters count it out clear.

Now we've days and weeks,and weeks and seasons. They are there to count
times beyond reason.

Now, let's take the seasons multiplied by weeks. Where is this number
that we now seek?

Just count those dentils where the preacher stands. We've two hundred
and eight above that man.

There are so many ways that we can count And the days and seasons have
duplicate amounts.

But before all of your counting is done,
Let's look at the stars and the moon and the sun.

And let's just see what we can see And you'll believe all this can be.

As the earth slowly turns around at its pace The sunshine's shawdows
fall on this place.

As they fall you can set your time.
Just watch the outside walls and you will find

That slowly, my friend, as we wait for Spring. The noontime sun it does
its thing.

For the verticle wall at the South's wing noon hour Daily in Winter the
shadows will tower.

You can stand and watch the noon pass by
And see it clear with your naked eye.

By use of the West wing this same thing is done But from Spring to Fall
IT uses the sun.

And on and on the shadows fall
Marking hours and days on the curch walls.

I could go on and explain more counts, But you've had by now a
significant amount.

But the greatest tribute of all of this
Is something that one should NEVER miss.

At a certain hour on a certain day This church is blessed by a hallowed

The sun not only graces the tombs, But sets a scene in the hallowed

For on true Easter day year after year. The heavenly ray will find
harbor here.

While searching the earth with its warmth and grace It targets it self
on the holy place.

And slowly as it approaches Easter-time
The sun's ray moves in perfect rhyme.

And honor is paid to the Lord on HiS day Blessing His rising by a CROSS


What better tribute to the heavens above
That a church be designed with equisite love.

Using all talents GOD could have given to man Setting His monument here
in this land

Where for all time the world can see
The heaven's praising God so perfectly.



New Point, Va.

February 21,1989

Numero Pondere et Mensura



A Mathematical Demonstration




A limited Investigative Edition
h. Stephen STEWART

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