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Posted by  Jacques Pochoy on December 02, 1998 at 09:46:05:

Great and good work done there! I sure would like my students to achieve such a gallery...
I followed the leads, and discovered quite a lot about yourself and your work (apart from DW).
I must say that I agree with most of it, having a Mac studio myself at the Ecole Spéciale d'Architecture (and with no support from Apple since they changed their "schooling programs"!).
I still am in the situation you describe of being a "freak" in the school, and unlike you, cannot achieve a proper long range pedagogy.
As you can read in Artifice's message board, I don't master english as I would like to, but I can read it quite fluently, so, instead of trying to painfully explain my beliefs, I'm sending you an extract of another message board, Dan Tasman's one, where I think you can discover why I do like DW and PWCadd.
And also why I will keep pestering the technical support from time to time, because you are now at a very important phase in the designing of DW!
Gary, Ken, Peter and others, seem to want either Booleans tools, rendering textures, pro lighting analysis and other tools of the same family...
Where I do believe that the soft is near to perfect (completion). And that what might be missing is the "Gaudi touch", (i.e. the capacity of generating blobs, meshes or Idonotknowwhat, sort of "modeling paste" tool).
Well, you know why, because of your teaching and the encounter with all sort of students.
I do not believe in DXF (at least for a near future). Nor do I believe in "sophisticated tools" in the beginning of the designing.
I dream of a tracing paper tool that could have the capabilities of DW in 3D and of Illustrator's brush in 2D (I'm trying to get Alfred Scott too develop the "hand brush" in his Wild tools).
I do think that the future is for softs that are cheap and simple and therefore, basis for "great designs". As you do in Artifice, I believe that, what would be "missing" could be found on a "web based machine". A student or a client could buy a useful tool, and "men of the art" could suscribe to such or such machine, because their practise would never be identical (architect, planner, landscaper etc)!
If you've met (or meet) Xavier Soult or Gérard Bohmer in the Abvent negotiation (via Eng.Software?) they would describe me as the "one minded nut" that has pestered them (uselessly) since the first soft they did (good old times, when the world seemed at hand's reach).
The first french bunch of the crazy thinking guys are in the CIA (thanks for getting it on the board!)
And we still try to follow the "fight".
Anyhow, go ahead in your designing, knowing your background, I'm willing to see what comes next......
Très amicalement,

Jacques Pochoy

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