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Posted by  Jacques Pochoy on December 03, 1998 at 00:37:55:

In Reply to:  Re: 222 Gallery... posted by kenkuhlman on December 02, 1998 at 17:51:02:

Eeeh! Where's Mike Wheeler gone...? He was supposed to post his answer after my post...!
Hi, Ken :):) "Mastery" is a big word...*chuckles* You should read me in french..(sly grin)! Well, I was born and raised in India, so it helps to use a sort of outdated english, victorian style....(and I did read some comics.. Pogo, Li'l abner, Snoopy)!
On the Boolean part:
My students use Zoom, artlantis, archicad and PowerCadd, They've been using Exception and some other modeling softs as Turbo 3D. Some are volume oriented, other are facet oriented. I'm still not sure about the "practical use" of Booleans (DW does have a "hole tool" that exports)! In the Exception case ( handy ittle modeling soft I used to call an "apple menu modeler") there was a very powerful mitering sort of function "hypercorps" that could allow you to "produce" practically any shape.
Why do I seem so "anti-boolean"? Because maybe the results are not so "clean"! I mean that for complex shapes they often leave multiple "knots" and tiny facets that affects rendering time.
On the other hand, Meshes, either generated by Nurbs, by "tubing"(a path, a facet and "bingo", a giant macaroni..) or by hypercorps (sorry, can't find the proper word),, can be slightly modified ( some softs even have a "modeling hand" that "pushes or pull" a defined part of the mesh, creating what I call the "Gaudi touch" ( usually known as the "Blob" ;))

That's why, for years, I've been looking for a very "quick" modeling tool, able to "echoe" my designing, and not for a rendering tool ( from POV-Ray to Artlantis, it's more an "export" problem)!
Now, I've "nearly" found one - DW- but as it seems, we have a powerful "engine" and " spare parts"(i.e. the "machines"). In the next step, what will it become ?
Either a sophisticated soft, getting all the parts in one big "thing" with a "Liner dashboard" and then, it's success will be a question of pricing.
Or, what it was in it's designing, a sort of "modeling browser", able of working by it's own, but "customized" through the Web because of it's major "plug-in" QuickTime...!

So that is the story of how an E-mail gets on the message board.....:););)

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