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Posted by  Kevin Matthews on December 03, 1998 at 11:16:58:

In Reply to:  222 Gallery... posted by Jacques Pochoy on December 02, 1998 at 09:46:05:

Hi Jacques,

Thanks for sharing these thoughts and those forum excerpts, too. Someday when there's time I would like to try to make some related points in the same direction you're going:

The Computer vs. The Pencil is a sterile argument. Superficially, because it is worn out. More deeply, because it has no real content -- because "the computer" is not one tool, but a broad range of possible tools, coming into existence only by the speciifc combination of software on hardware.

What is a good tool, what would be a better tool, how do we design, what COULD tools do for us, these all seem to me to be more lively useful and interesting questions.

To apply these questions to the area of CAADDD, the discussion MUST get to the level of specific user interface styles, philosophies, and even implementations. THIS IS WHERE THERE CAN BE A REAL DISCUSSION ABOUT DIGITAL DESIGN TOOLS - I think.

By the way, are you familiar with this book? in which Malcolm dives deeply into a swath of related issues:

Malcolm McCullough. Abstracting Craft : The Practiced Digital Hand.
MIT Press, Reprint edition, September 1998. ISBN 0-2626-3189-X.

Available at

Also by the way, did you get as far into the DIL web site as my ten year old paper on "Three-Dimensional Sketching"? There are quite a few things in there that we are still striving to live up to.

That's all for now...



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