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Posted by  gary veasy on December 03, 1998 at 21:54:35:

I really haven't thought this through yet and am sorta shooting from the hip here.

As an offshoot of Jaques thoughts philosophies practices and experience, would it be possible to create a tool similar to PowerCadds "squiggle"?

I do happen to agree that some clients tend to back away from a "hardlined" drawing in the early stages of a preoject. Some are hesitant to make or suggest changes even at the CD stage due to the "finished so don't change me" lookof CAD drawings. I have seenit many times. While selfishly, from a time committment, this is sometimes nice, perhaps the revisions they are contemplating will produce a better overall design.

Along the same lines and similar to the suggestions Jaques has made on the PC website (accessed though the WIldTools section then Thinktank) a freehand "sketching tool is sometimes necessary to show a client a design but not give him the impression that it is a fete-of comple' (sp?). Anyway is there any need out there (and is it possible Kevin) for a toold that would generate a model, perhaps sim to the HiddenLine command that produces a simple model. Then the tool would "squiggle" the lines and soften the model. Perhaps it could then be saved as a file format that could then be opened in Photoshop. If the project warranted it or client wanted it, you could throw some quick color on it to make it a soft-rendered kind of watercolor rendering.

I am not sure if I have fully thought this through and am curious if there would be a desire to incorporate a tool like this.

Let's get some dialogue going on this. I know some might wonder why the guy who has always insisted on photorealism and realistic lighting effects and true material representation is asking for this. Well, if the truth be know I am not a great sketcher and this method, besides being good for certain clients, would also be fgood for this architect! And the more alternatives we have within DW, the more exposure the application will get and the more productive and sucessful we all will be!

What do you think?


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