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Posted by Kevin Matthews, President, Artifice, Inc. on July 19, 1997 at 22:26:43:

In Reply to: Re: Sorry about Windows 95 Version posted by Rolando Sanchez on July 18, 1997 at 22:58:58:

The decision to create a Windows 95/NT version of DesignWorkshop is certainly in part a business decision by Artifice. It is equally a decision based on service to the architectural and spatial design community. They have "voted with their feet" with a majority for the Wintel platform.

As a technologist with computing experience on several platforms, going back even before there were personal computers, I personally have been a staunch supporter of Apple and the Macintosh for the last ten years because of the great quality of Macintosh as a tool to help people realize their dreams.

What is most sad to me is to watch the creeping advance of short-term lowest-common-denominator thinking that has contributed to the commercial success of the Wintel platform. I would hope that architects would have more self-respect as a profession than to accept AutoCAD, for instance, as anything like a standard.

We would love to be able to reverse that tide all by ourselves. But Artifice makes real tools for real people, and if the people are using Wintel, now that that platform has matured to the point it can handle it, we will at last respond to many, many requests received and produce DesignWorkshop for that platform.

By the way, Apple has also contributed to the challenge of surviving as a Mac-centered company. But at Artifice, even as we add Windows support to our products, we are building them from a common code base, and using key Apple-created cross-platform technologies like QuickDraw 3D, because we plan to continue to be an uncompromised Apple-supporting company, for as long as Apple and our thousands of customers on Macintosh make it possible.

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