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Posted by  Jacques Pochoy on December 05, 1998 at 03:04:54:

In Reply to:  Re: "Freehand" Models posted by Peter Bacot on December 04, 1998 at 13:49:30:

Since I'm supposed to be the "sqiggle"man, I should add some droplets to the main stream....
I DO believe in 2D squiggle, not only because of an "aesthetic" view, but mostly from a very practical point of view. In France we do most of our sketches before whe have any contracts! It happens often with "young" architects that a client to be asks for a design, then having a wagon load of drawings, just says, "Oh, I changed my mind, let's drop everything...". Some years later, you discover that in fact, he used your drawings (and sometimes some of several architects) to build his damn project.
Of couse, sometimes you can manage to get a lawyer on it, but sometimes it's not so easy. So I usually "squiggle" badly my drawings (precisely done at first hand), and show the design only on my portable screen (no paper), until I am assured of having a contract or a confidence of some sort....
Well, I can't do it always.....But I DO play with the "sketchy look", giving the feeling that if the client want's something more precise, he should make up his mind....
About 3D "squiggle": Well I did have a student that made part of his diploma's drawings in Abvent's Zoom, hidden lines, "squiggelised" in PowerCadd, some members of the Jury didn't notice that those drawings were "computer drawn" ( it was his first motive, he wasn't a good sketcher...)... And I did feel that those drawings were "well used", on the purpose of the project. You could ask Michel Jean-François from Abvent to get some samples on a site.
But as Mike said, I don't feel the need of a modeling tool using squiggle.
But I do make a difference between a "squiggle" function (getting a line straight and squiggling it afterhand) and a "sketching" tool. I've been using since my portable, a small wacom tablet in stead of the mouse or trackPad. I find it's use very convenient and quick. So for me it's more an interface question. Building 2D or 3D representations, do we have to "stick" to the mouse/keyboard interface, or in the years to come, can we imagine a "better" (different) way to get "in" the model? (I had in mind the "sketch" demo, where you could (theorically) build a model directly over a picture in a "one view" point)!

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