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Posted by  gary veasy on December 05, 1998 at 09:45:35:

In Reply to:  Re: "Freehand" Models posted by Jacques Pochoy on December 05, 1998 at 03:04:54:


I happen to appreciate the use of squiggle the way you have used if on your example. There is a right and wrong time to use it but at least it is an option.

BUT, why not use the tools available to also use it as a "sketching" tool in the early stages of a project. Much like you would do in 2d, get it accurate to start then"soften" it. Do the same with an accurate model, perhaps only at the early schematic stages (remember, I said there is a right and worng time to use these...) then soften the look. Then you would get an accurate rendering that looks hand sketched....seems like it would not be a bad way to go especially if you tend to be a lil TOO loose whn you sketch. Hey don't get me wrong, there still is a place for flimsy and pencil but maybe the next step would be a massing model or basic model that had this "soft" method applied.

I have not used this method professionally and only have thought of it since reading your opinions about the sketching tool...but it's worrth the great discussion we are having here!

Take care my friend

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