Message - Help! Polar only 'walk' views????

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Posted by  Brian Findlay on December 27, 1998 at 14:19:59:

Ok, I have played around with DW for a couple of weeks, but one thing that drives me absolutely batty, are the 'walk' controls. Clicking on the eye is supposed to allow the camera to be freely moved about the space - seems simple enough - but doesn't work that way. It always rotates about a point, and the rooms I am trying to walk through are always offscreen. It is impossible to do a walkthrough in this mode, and I can't see how to get the camera to move according to the rectangular coordinates.

This is the singel most frustrating thing about this program - it takse me quite awhile of guessing which way the camera will move to actually zoom into a room I want. THere does not seem to be a way to move left-right then up-down then back-forth - ie rectangularly. it is ALWAYS radial!!


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