Message - Will we ever see Version 2.0?

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Posted by  Rolando Sanchez on February 09, 1999 at 15:19:31:


I hesitate to bring this up, since it doesn't seem to be a popular question, but when are we going to see Version 2.0?

Although I don't often post, I check this board almost daily hoping to get a hint of what's coming. I know, you can't reveal your future plans ahead of time, and we have gotten several updates at no cost, but it has been so long since we've had a major upgrade that I wonder what's going on?

Let me state here that although I appreciate the free upgrades, I for one would have gladly paid a reasonable sum if that would have speeded up the development of the software. I won't go into great detail, you know the features we have been waiting for: boolean functions, being able to assing different textures to different faces of an object (has anyone noticed the band of wood parquet floor along the base of the outside walls on some models, it makes for an interesting detail, but not a very realistic one), and many other features that folks have presented here over time.

Are we going to see integration of QD3D into the DW window so we can edit and work on models with their accurate textures showing? I don't like having to continually open a new textures window to see how the model is really looking. Will we ever be able to edit on a model with textures? The new CPU's are so much more powerful now, speed should't cause that much of an impediment.

I assume that the company has been focused on developing the Windows version and bringing it up to speed as opposed to improving the Mac platform you already have, but isn't that Windows version done now? Will supporting both platforms forever slow down significant advances in DW?

In my frustration, I have looked around to see what other possible solutions are available out there, but nothing is as geared to Architecture or as intuitive as DW. So I'm not jumping ship, but can you maybe save me some seasickness? I know that you can't issue any formal announcements, but it has been such long wait that don't we at least deserve some kind of a progress report?

Gainesville, FL

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