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Posted by  CJ Shumate on February 10, 1999 at 12:19:31:

In Reply to:  Merge and Import posted by Gary utz on February 09, 1999 at 15:00:10:

Hi Gary,

I worked on a model last spring that was around 5MB and I am currently working on one that is shaping up to be over 6MB, if not 7MB. While I do find that these models do take some time to open, they are not too difficult to work with if you manage your Phases efficiently.

Rather than splitting the model into pieces, I create several phases for each element of a building. For instance, my current building project has seven stories, so I have five phases for each story of the building. One phase is for structure, another for non-structural elements, one for furniture, another for lighting and I usually reserve one more just in case I need it later.

This allows me to turn off the phases, and floors, that I am not currently working on, which makes navigating and editing the model much easier.

Going to Lights and Textures with all phases on, however, can be a problem if you lack the RAM to do so. My solution is to turn on maybe one or two floors at a time, open them in the Lights and Textures window and save the 3dmf model. Then I turn those phases off and turn others on, open them in Lights and Textures and save another 3dmf model. When I have all of my phases saved as 3dmf models, I can then open one of them and merge all the rest into that document, which can then be saved as one, large, 3dmf file containing all my phases.

While this method has worked for me, I would appreciate anyone else with other ideas to share them with us.


CJ Shumate

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