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Posted by  Kevin Matthews on February 18, 1999 at 01:19:25:


**** ***   Artifice Update   ***   Thursday, February 18 1999   *** ****

     In this issue:

     News -        Great Buildings in the Time(s)!
     Events -      DesignWorkshop Training in Oregon
     Mac News -    FineArt Rendering Plug-in
     Win News -    Windows Updates to GBC, DW Pro
     Web News -    Email this page...
     Rendering -   RenderCity! Memberships
     Cool -        HobbyPAK from ByteSyze
     Great Site -  C.A.T. Architects
     Plus -        You tell us!


----  News  --  Great Buildings in the Time(s)!  ----

Great Buildings Online has recently been recognized in feature articles in the Time(s), more specifically The Times of London (1999.0106):

  "I have just fulfilled a lifetime's ambition and been to a yurt - and
  it did not cost me either an arm or a leg to get there.  Nor, as it
  happens, did I have to endure, while on my visit, the unlovely smell
  of rancid mare's milk. For the truth is I was never even remotely close
  to the high plains of central Mongolia. I was in my warm study all the
  time, immersed in a magical web site called The Great Buildings
  Collection, at

  "After inspecting the yurt, I went straight to a zulu kraal. The
  architecture of this modest dwelling was described with charming
  pedantry by the site's writers as "owner-built housing" in the "African
  vernacular" style. Next, I hopped continent to - where else? - the Taj
  Mahal, having decided to postpone to another day my trip to I.M.Pei's
  spectacular glass pyramid outside the Louvre in Paris...."

and the New York Times (1998.0217):

  "There are dozens of sites devoted to history and architecture on the
  Web, but one of the most detailed and involving is Great Buildings,
  the online counterpart to the Great Buildings Collection CD-ROM...."

If any other major periodicals of the English-speaking world would like to jump on the bandwagon, we hope they won't hesitate.  For that matter, we're happy to be praised in any language.  Take your own free trip at:

----  Events  --  DesignWorkshop Training in Oregon  ----

Back by popular demand, we're currently scheduling three one week DesignWorkshop training sessions here in our friendly home town of Eugene, Oregon.  Each full session is five days, Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm, with open session from 9-10am.  The schedule for the week looks like this:

Monday -    Overview, Basics, and Techniques Tuesday -   Guided Project, Printing, and Organizing the Model Wednesday - Personal Project and 2D/3D Integration Thursday -  Rendering, Animation, and Multimedia Friday -    Advanced Rendering with Radiance Online

Rates start at $595 per person for the complete week during early registration, or $150 for individual days,.  Current dates available are May 24-28 (early registration through March 31), June 21-25 (early registration through April 30), and July 26-30 (early registration through May 31), and enrollments are limited.  Please call us at 800-203-8324 or write to Artifice Sales ("") for more information, and to register.   

----  Mac News  --  FineArt Rendering Plug-in  ----

Inklination of Vancouver BC has just released "Inklination FineArt 3D", a terrific plug-in renderer for DesignWorkshop and other QD3D applications.  This unique renderer works inside DesignWorkshop to draw your 3D model with soft pencil style hatching, pen-and ink-style drawing, and other soft traditional media looks.  Some of you have been asking us for this capability, and now it is here -- and it works great!

Inklination gives you a free trial version version online, and through March 31 a registration key is only $39.95.  This is a hot one, so run, don't walk, to:

----  Win News  --  Windows Updates to GBC, DW Pro  ----

It is official -- the Great Buildings Collection on CD-ROM is going dual platform, to support Windows 95/98/NT in addition to Macintosh. At the same time, we'll be adding more color, better 3D, and great speed improvements to this premiere multimedia encyclopedia of architecture.

Look for availability of The GBC dual platform around the end of March!

Meanwhile, there is new functionality in beta for DesignWorkshop Professional for Windows, available now for free downloading by registered Professional owners at:

----  Web News  --  Email this page...  ----

If you peek down into the fine print near the bottom of several Artifice and Great Buildings pages, you'll see one of the newest communication features of the Artifice web territory.  Using this new "Email this page to a friend" link makes it a snap to share info about DesignWorkshop, a design precedent, or simply a favorite picture.  For example:

----  Rendering  --  RenderCity! Memberships  ----

First of all, the Radiance Online web site is now known by the catchy name of RenderCity!  Otherwise, this is the same uniquely powerful self-service web-based rendering technology we've been supporting and enhancing over the last year:

What's really new is that in addition to vast free and pay-as-you-go rendering options, we've now added monthly membership accounts.   Aimed at serious Radiance power users, for just $19.95 a month the RenderCity membership includes unlimited free rendering with Radiance Online, a personal account on a Radiance server with complete login, ftp, and texture customization privileges, and unlimited technical support (including support for setting up and using your own Radiance machine, if that's where you want to go).  

You asked for it -- you got it!  Start up your membership today, at:

----  Great Site  --  C.A.T. Architects  ----

Many of you may be familiar with the design, modeling, and rendering work of C.A.T. Architects, coming from the amazing team of Douglas Teiger and Michael Anonuevo, as seen in the Artifice Gallery.  But you may not realize how much more great 3D work is ready to see at their impressive web site, awaiting your browser at:

----  Cool  --  HobbyPAK from ByteSyze  ----

ByteSyze Studio continues to add beautiful new 3D objects built with DesignWorkshop, for use with DesignWorkshop.  The latest cool stuff includes the BMW 530 sedan, a curvy new VW Beetle, Jeep Wrangler, and a classic tricycle.  These objects are an inspiring example of DesignWorkshop modeling abilities, available individually at great values from $19.95 to $49.95!

----  Plus  --  You tell us!

We love it when you talk back to us...

and tell us about what you're doing with DesignWorkshop and the other Artifice products.  Send us your images, success stories, web site addresses, to "".  Let us know if it's something to share, or just a private look among friends.  If you'd like to share with the world, we're happy offer valuable links back to your own pages.  

And please stayed tuned over coming weeks as the wraps come off new features, new accessories, and more.  And if you have any questions, as always, we truly do look forward to hearing from you!  

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