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Posted by  Kevin Matthews on February 20, 1999 at 15:36:46:

In Reply to:  Re: Question on V2.0 Revisted posted by gary veasy on February 19, 1999 at 22:52:02:

Which is better - an apple, or an orange? A machine shop, or a sculptor's foundry?

The essence of DesignWorkshop is not in a features list. This is not software with a large number of special functions, one for each tiny indiviudal purpose. If you want the maximum number of tools possible, I would suggest form-Z, which is vastly superior to TurboCAD from a technical perspective. Neither of them is a true design tool, however, in the 3D sketching sense. But that's exactly what DesignWorkshop is.

We give away DesignWorkshop Lite for free so people can see and experience for themselves what this means. On paper, it's pretty hard to see the difference. But in the guts of design work, process is everything, the state of designer's mind and the subtle inflective interaction with creative tools. Here the real difference sings out, where you can feel it, in your own sensitive hands. Traditional CAD, at whatever price or complexity, just overwhelms and suffocates the designer's mind. But DesignWorkshop is different.

DesignWorkshop is software which maximizes the ratio of functionality : tools, instead of just maximizing the number of tools. The result is a creative extension of your mind's eye -- NOT the ultimate NC machine shop.

Ever try to be creative with a multi-axis milling machine? It gets scary, fast. Ever try to be creative with wax, or clay, or yellow-hot bar stock, or closer to home for most architects, with a bunch of corrugated cardboard, a sharp blade, and a hot glue gun? DesignWorkshop is more like these later than the former. Yet at the same time, this digital incarnation of your soft, sliceable creative cardboard has floating point numerical precision, directly imports and exports drafting, renders itself with realistic lighting and finishes, etc., etc. And when we get to DW 2.0 (at the latest), yes, your soft, sliceable creative digital cardboard will even perform boolean operations on itself.

Even though 95% of the boolean operations in most CAD software are only used to make door and window openings, which DW does faster, more easily, and retaining full design malleablility, using our patent-pending interface with feature-based modeling operations instead of just the old booleans.

Not everything to everyone. Just the best damn 3D design tool on earth for architectural / spatial modeling.  

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