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Posted by  gary veasy on February 20, 1999 at 22:21:13:

In Reply to:  Re: Question on V2.0 Revisted posted by Kevin Matthews on February 20, 1999 at 15:36:46:

I said I was joking Kevin! *LOL*

Actually you summarize your product here differently yet more interestingly than anywhere else I have read about on your site or in reviews!

I for one am so-so on booleans and much more hot for things like custom RadOL texture mapping, filters for color and material types, cad like snaps, PMS color functions, and some enhancement of lighting capabilites in terms of actual real-life light fixture selections (types). Otherwise as a rule I am a happy camper. Certain other things that I am sure oyu have up your sleeve will be welcomed I am sure.....

Philosophically and realistically, NO application can be everything for everybody. Certain behemoths (sp?) like Photoshop and their array of 3rd party plugins comes close. But Kevin, let me be the first to say that there are many of us VERY loyal users that COULD go elsewhere and don't because somewhere deep in our bones we feel that we are sitting on something pretty special here....and we are. Perhaps we complain too much, or prodcue to many wishlists, or compare DW to other apps too much. But we are still here, loyal as ever! Forigve our impatience, our comparisons, our (noteworthy) goal to have the best 3D design tool around, with all the bells and whistles that "we" want. Our push to achieve this "nirvana" is driven by our desire to be the best designers, architects, planners, homeowners with a dream.....Human nature creates this drive to be the best and I am sure you are driven by the same...
Let me again thank you for what you have done so far and urge your patience for those of us that force you at times to perhaps loose your patience. (and I know you have a lot Kevin!) Kudos to you and your staff for your dive and stamina during times when it must be very hard to do so....Keep up the great work!...and the collective we (if I may be so bold) WILL be here, now and in years when we look back to the days of beta (yes I was there...) and versions 1.0-1.x and say God, Kevin and his crew have come a long way...and yes we will still be asking for more still, but the impatience that we now express and the drive we now urge will have waned a bit. People like me and Peter and Ken and Jaques and Michael (where ya been buddy?) will be so damn productive with a tool that is so damn superior we will be quietly praising ourselves for our soresight and forward thinking and "smarts" to stick around....

but the person really to thank at the time will be you Kevin....

Thanks for what you have done so far and what is in the works that is days weeks months or years away....Sometimes we don't say that enough and with the "faceless behemoths" you really dont care to say it. But to you,Kevin etal, sincere thanks and keep up the great work because your great work allows us to be great (well at least better) too!

For now,


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