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Posted by  peter on May 21, 1999 at 16:54:52:

In Reply to:  Re: Have you tried... posted by Jim Lacy on May 21, 1999 at 13:54:38:

Gary et al.

I am trying Gary's method with stuffit, but

1) It has usually been the ZIPIT files that I send that cannot be unzipped (I have gone through discussions on settings for this already)

2) I do use an ISP usually, but actually find the Mac-PC email through AOL to work more often.

3) I think the type of email will make a difference. I am trying "Communicator" --haven't done well with Eudora or Outlook.

4) Many factors--one might be bad phone connection-- so have to hedge bets with the most protected package.

5) Here's one: I am able (most often) to post files for ftp on my web. However unless I binhex it the PC people get corrupted files. How does that work, since binhex is for Macs only? Also if I put up an unZipped plain .DWG file as "raw data" Netscape will not download it but displays the code on screen. Q: any way to force save/download only of a file (special html command?) on browser or other methods to encrypt that are for PC? Fetch only offers Mac encryption....

6) thanks for the ideas.I have also heard of windows program "shell decoder" that is free to give to PC's to help them with downloaded files.

7) I was uaware of the PowerCADD trick. Not sure how that relates to creating a .DWG, but I'll do it (just another darn step). I was unaware that r12 translation would be best so why did I get the r14 upgrade for PowerDWG ? :)

Thanks again,

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