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Posted by  Jacques Pochoy on September 28, 1999 at 15:36:13:

In Reply to:  Re: Market Share posted by kenkuhlman on September 28, 1999 at 07:15:33:

Many Chuckles....:)
That was a good one,Ken ! The poor guy who manages to go all down those posts, would, I believe, get a little confused...:)
I’m “also” ( I believe we are all, beginning with Kevin), a hand sketch “believer” (if not worshipper) !
But the point is ; Can you live an Architectural practice, today, without a “soft” thing and a computer sort of pencil ?
Sure, you can always do it “your” way, but time and clients fly by...
I would never have believed six month ago that I would do a site work without any paper... All on CD, client AND works team asked for it ! You know quite well that as Gary, a lot of architects are Mac “maniacs”, so am I. My engineer is “of course”, on Windows based Autocad... And the contractors sometimes have quite weird contraptions they call “computers”, not to speak of antiques in matter of file format!
Well, it worked well (minus the usual works mishaps)! And we are in France (supposed to be 20 years late on US...)!
I’ve already said (somewhere, don’t seem to recall where, but I DO get a wee bit out of my head lately..) that I “foresee” (there goes the mystical part) that what we really need is something that could be called a 2D/3D “Browser” !
For the 3D part, DW and QuickDraw are almost there... For the 2D part, I’ve prayed, asked, stirred, shocked, bullied, wept, howled, without any visible effects (*sigh*). But one of these days, a young bloke, will just wipe all the market shares with just this type of product, a low end GIS, cheap, and web oriented... Maybe already Flash and Shockwave are getting a hold on this territory..?
What IS the purpose of our “work”? Many different answers follows different practices. Still, the basic fact is that we “build” something. I mean, it’s the pragmatic “end” that is relevant and of course the relationship with the “client” and/or mental image we have of it. But all what is in between is just an “accident in time”. Cathedrals were design with stick and sand ( I don’t really believe in that part), Versaille was “hand drawn” (as was “la grande arche”) and what about the latest Guggenheim museum ? Some architects don’t even draw, they build directly, themselves!
Other, like Sheherazade, speak or write, describing the future universe of the client - all works if they are “well” done.
Either “done” by hand and then “digitalized”, or started “scratch” with a “machine” (I do think it’s the wording that scares us most) we must live in our time of “connectivity”.
The act of searching the mythical perfect software starts by knowing exactly what we want to do with it, and how much of our habits we are ready to loose to be able , maybe, to look from another point of view (easy thing on DW, just move the mouse *it’s a joke*).
Our usual browsers we use, just do that! Their main drawback (for us) is that they lack the “pencil” tool for the benefit of the “typewriter” one. Wasn’t it McLuhan who said that we were in the era of image and media ? Well, our craft will follow or will not exist anymore...


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