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Posted by  wisnu matselan on May 12, 2000 at 20:44:20:

In Reply to:  Re: searching for Windows on the World Complete Wine Course posted by Alex Smith on January 13, 1999 at 13:53:09:

Dear e-course staff

First, I`m a staff pragrammer and computer application operator of one of company in Indonesia. There are many new computer programme and applications had developed nowday. It must make me have to follow the developing up.
My Chief need every staff in his office have knowlage od developing of all computer programme and applications. Such of them are new software and it`s installation, new important programme for office and new feathurs of application that base on windows and the others OS.
I`m very glad see many of e-course, e-training, and e-tutorial in internet, because it`s can increase the ability of my skill and it`s need for promote my carrier.
Base on the problems, would e-course .staff give me a recommendation to refer my participation in this course programme, that needed for completing my promoting bundle. I need signature from staff or crew e-course on paper of recommendation. I think it is not too difficult to do, it`s just need attachment file in e-mail.
I hope too, I can informate existention of e-course In my institution at least.
There is a recommendation paper that created by my self base on e-course . Site. The file`ve send by attachment file. Please, I wait for back e-mail and the signature of recommendation soon.
That`s all I need from e-course I hope e-course .getting better and have be the largest in virtual world to support better future.
For all your attention, I say, thank a large.

Your sincerely,

(wisnu Matselan )


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