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Posted by  Rolando Sanchez on August 23, 1998 at 22:21:10:

I use PowerCadd for my 2D drawings as I know a lot of you do. I find that when dealing with a complex shape, it is often easier to draw the shape in Pcadd as a two dimmensional object in plan view, then import it into DW with the translator or DXF, and then extrude it.

I wonder whether anyone thinks it would be worthwhile to have additional drawing tools which would only make sense in a 2D environment and would only be available when in Plan or Elevations view (a 2D window)? I'm thinking of Pcadd-like tools like a constrained line (constrained to predetermined angles), equal multisided polygons, the ability to attach objects (like lines and arcs) to create complex polygons, and snapping to verticis, centers and intersections. Also, the ability to edit lines along a cosntrained angle, or edit the angle of a line. Remember that these functions would only work on objects that were created in that two dimmensional window and before they became 3D by either extruding or relocating.

I suppose that what I am aiming at is more of an integration between 2D and 3D programs. Are the above features something that would be possible or desirable? If it were, we could begin to develop a list of what 2D drawing tools and functions it would be deneficial to include.


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