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Posted by  Arc. Paul E. Udenyi on February 27, 2004 at 14:07:04:

In Reply to:  New Car Dealership posted by Jeff on February 25, 2004 at 10:32:44:

Dear Jef,

First I do expect me to be making my comment on the photo-realistic rendering of the New Dealership project. I think it is wonderful and that was a great job. It takes a great creative mind assisted by a great software to achieve that. I was just wodering can you give me an honest opinion on the ease of use of the software as claimed by the product marketers.

What is most fascinating to me, Jef, is the most most wonderful opportunity you make of the project posted to offer the most wonderful opportunity to seekers to know Jesus my Lord. I really do appreciate you very much for this, Brother Jef. I do not know if you are white or black - and Jef, I honestly don't care - you are a highly valuable brother in the business of spreading the gospel by any means. I will keep praying for you.

I got to your posted project because I was browsing to know more about the DesignWorkshop software and here am I getting more than I was seeking. To know that people like you use such a software encourages me to give it a try so I have downloaded the DesignWorkshop Lite for evaluation - so if you can spare the time and are willing let me have your opinion on the software. My email address is:

I am a practicing Architect - in Nigeria we use Arc. prefix with our names - and have been practising under the name of SHELTARCON ASSOCIATES but my duty in life and Ministry is to be a Witness for the Lord. My wife and I have a special ministry to network Christian Families globally as a shelter from what will soon come upon the world economically.

My brother, a line from you will be highly appreciated.

Your brother in the Vineyard,

Paul Udenyi.

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