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Posted by  Greg McHugh on April 19, 2004 at 19:43:29:

In Reply to:  Re: Bottling plant lobby 2 posted by Brad Barnes on March 25, 2004 at 18:41:44:

It would, I believe be difficult or inaccurate to model directly into a photoshop photo. You could however (1) model a building in Artifice, (2) Import the model into Artlantis and "render", adding finishes, lighting, etc., and then (3) use the new "insertion" features in Artlantis to orient your camera position, (from aircraft) to be in sync. with the new building and background terrain.

In our work, we team up with an architect who has created a "plan view" and one or more elevated views of the new or building addition. We import these (2+) views into Artifice and lock their respective layers. We then "trace" the 3d building over the architects drawings. We can do "quick" renderings in Artifice to check surfaces, etc. When the modeling is finished, we then export the model to Artlantis, where we ad textures, lighting, etc. Finally we go out into the field and take photo(s) of the building sight. We like the surrounding neighborhood, autos, trees, etc. to be in the shot. Artlantis has a pretty handy insertion feature that helps "move the building" into the tangents of the original camera angle. After a little adjustment, your new building appears in the old neighborhood.
Hope this helps, maybe others have similar or better thoughts??

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