Re: Need advice -- gearing up for giant projects

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Posted by  Andrea Starkey on October 17, 2001 at 11:14:10:

In Reply to:  Re: Need advice -- gearing up for giant projects posted by Kevin Matthews on October 16, 2001 at 10:31:29:

Kevin -

Thanks for your advice. I am very interested in the utility you mentioned. I can forsee a huge advantage in beeing able to view the smaller files combined and making changes before exporting them when I add the new trees. The final project isn't due until December, so that gives me some time to play around with it.

I should clarify what I was referring to when I said I experience crashes at over 35MG. The only true "crashes" while working with these large files come when I try to close a file and get the error that the program is not responding (this is running in Windows 2000). This is not a big deal as long as I save often because I know I'll have to restart DW.

What I really meant by that was that results of actions seem to be unpredictable at anything larger. Actions usually work, but I can not be sure how long they will take. In the midst of this I upgraded from 256 MB to 1.5 GB RAM and I could see a huge difference in performance (AMD 833 processor, 64 mb video card, running Windows 2000). Still, my patience only goes so far. I can wait 5 mins to copy a large group, but if 10 go by I'll restart because it seems as if the first time I copy it goes much faster than subsequent actions. If you like, I could get more specific about actions that seem to consistantly cause major time delays, but I don't want to bore anyone here.

I'm anxious to see what kind of results I get when working on this project on my Mac and comparing the performance (G4 dual 800, 1.5 GB RAM, 64 MG video). I've only run smaller files so far but can see some differences in the way things work.

Thanks again for all your input,


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