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The QuickDraw 3D Connection

Quesa     Ever since Apple stopped work on QuickDraw 3D, Quesa has been developed as a binary compatible, open-source replacement for QuickDraw 3D.

QuickDraw 3D at Apple Computer     Apple Computer, Inc. is the originator of this great cross-platform 3D technology. QuickDraw 3D is included with the latest QuickTime as an optionally installed component.

QuickDraw 3D Applications     A wealth of third-party application and accessories that can add value and utility to your use of QuickDraw 3D.

QuickDraw 3D Hardware     These third-party accelerator boards can make QuickDraw 3D run really, really fast on your computer.

QuickDraw 3D Plug-ins, etc.     A variety of third-party are available to add special rendering and other cool functions to QD3D.

QuickDraw 3D Links and Info     Links to other sites and more useful QuickDraw 3D information.

QuickDraw 3D Support Petition     Hundreds of users and developers of QuickDraw 3D signed this online petition to Apple, and if you agree that QD3D is great technology, you can too.

QuickDraw 3D News Archive     An archive of news items from the early years of QuickDraw 3D.

QuickDraw 3D Backup Mailing List     The main QuickDraw 3D Developers Mailing List is maintained by Apple Computer. You can sign up for this back-up list now in case the Apple list is becomes unavailable someday.

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