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June 18th, 1999

  • MacCentral reports that yesterday Apple Computer laid off all the remaining engineers who were developing QuickDraw 3D.

December 26th, 1997

  • Here's another informative article on QuickDraw 3D.
  • Tikkabik 3D tracks 3D gaming on the Mac OS. It lists games accelerated for 3DFX and QuickDraw 3D. I'm going to contact them about possibly synchronizing game lists.

December 24th, 1997

  • Merry Christmas every one !
  • MacInTouch's special report on Apple's G3 models notes incompatibilities with the G3 machines and Radius' 3D cards.
  • MacMolPlt, a molecule plotting application, part of the GAMESS package from the Gordon Group at Iowa State University, uses QuickDraw 3D. It's not clear if the PC version uses QuickDraw 3D.
  • The June 1996 issue of Byte magazine had an interesting article comparing OpenGL, Direct3D and QuickDraw 3D.
  • If you know of any QD3D products to be released at MacWorld SF next month, please let me know.

December 23rd, 1997

  • Natural Graphics makes Natural Scene Designer, another application for interpreting USGS elevation models and generating beautiful 3D scenes.
  • Okino's PolyTrans is a Windows 95/NT application for converting among different 3D file formats including 3DMF. It also runs on Sun, SGI and DOS. Their NuGraf application also allows you to render 3D objects.
  • TechWorks is running a Power3D Stocking Stuffer Contest where you can win a Power3D card. All entrants receive a $25 rebate on a Power3D card.
  • According to reader reports, Bungie's MYTH does not support QD3D RAVE, meaning non-3DFX based cards don't accelerate game play.
  • Would it be possible for someone to write a system extension that intercepts 3DFX GLIDE calls, then map them onto QD3D RAVE ? Let me know. It would definitely be a good idea for ATI and others who are aiming at the entry-level market.

December 22nd, 1997

  • MetaCreations has released an update to Infini-D, their 3D modeling and animation package. Version 4.0.1 is the most current version.
  • MacInTouch reports that Village Tronic of Germany has a line of 3D acceleration cards.
  • Hercules says that its Windows-based 3D acceleration cards support QuickDraw 3D on a pre-sale page. Worth confirming though.
  • Mark Sproul's Image32 application can read and display terrain and elevation data from the USGS and the US Defence Mapping Agency using QuickDraw 3D. It's also useful for displaying other image types.

December 20th, 1997

  • Intervista has released their free WorldView plug-in for viewing VRML in Netscape Navigator. It supports QD3D hardware acceleration as well as plug-in renderers.
  • The Tilt plug-in for Adobe Premiere has been acquired by DigiEffects and will eventually be re-released. It's currently not available. Will add to the list of apps when it pop its head up again.
  • Reality Bytes' next game, Dark Vengeance, will use QuickDraw 3D RAVE on Mac.
  • If you can confirm that Bungie's MYTH uses RAVE (ie: hitting the hardware), please let me know.

December 19th, 1997

  • Feedback and response to this site have been great. I have received alot of tips about QD3D-based products for Mac and Windows that I never heard of before. I will update my lists accordingly. If you see something missing, or wrongly listed, please let me know. Please keep the info coming ! :-)
  • Artifice makes a version of Design Workshop for Windows using QuickDraw 3D, They also have a freeware version available for Mac and Windows 95/NT.
  • Formation Design Systems makes 2 CAD products based on QuickDraw 3D for Mac and Windows. Maxsurf and NeoForm are two applications for naval hull design and industrial design/prototyping. Demos are available.
  • Jeff Lewis' freeware application, Imagery 3D, allows you to convert different 3D file formats including 3DMF, the QuickDraw 3D file format.

December 18th, 1997 - Updated

  • QuickTime 3.0b7 is now available and it includes QuickDraw 3D 1.5.4. I have had no access to QuickDraw 3D 1.5.4 release notes, so I can't say what's new or fixed.
  • MacWeek reports on Microsoft and SGIs plans to develop a new set of 3D APIs
  • According to QuickDraw 3D engineering team members, QuickDraw 3D 1.5.4 will ship soon for Mac and Windows (probably with QuickTime 3.0) and QuickDraw 3D 1.6 will indeed ship sometime in Spring 1998.
  • David Slik maintains a comprehensive listing of PCI cards for the Mac, including 3D accelerators (Some I never even heard of... :-). I will supplement my list with his, and help him where I can.

December 17th, 1997

  • C/NET's reports on a new alliance between Microsoft and SGI to develop a new 3D graphics architecture for Windows-based workstations. The plan seems to be to combine the best of Direct3D and OpenGL.

December 16th, 1997

  • Expect IXMicro's line of ix3D cards to ship in 1998. I would expect we'll see an announcement at MacWorld San Francisco.
  • Strata Studio Pro has recently been updated to version 2.1.1. This program has been severely criticized since version 2.0 for being full of bugs and for having less QuickDraw 3D functionality than Strata Studio Blitz 1.7.5 (its predecessor). Strata finally seems to be on the right track with this update.
  • Strata VideoShop 4.0/3D has been updated to version 4.0.1.
  • Microsoft has announced a new version of their answer to the QuickTime Media Layer, DirectX 5.1
  • Electric Image has released Electric Image Animation System version 2.8, but it isn't clear what support for QuickDraw 3D is included, aside from 3DMF, and whether the Modeler application is now bundled with it.

December 15th, 1997

  • Adrenaline Software has released a preview version of Adrenaline Charts Pro, a new higher-end version of their QuickDraw 3D-based charting product.
  • ATI has released a new set of drivers for their XClaim VR and XClaim 3D boards. We've updated the 3D drivers page. Nexus GA boards are not affected.
  • LightWork Design recently updated their HiddenLine and SuperLite plug-in renderers to version 1.3.3, correcting a few bugs along the way. To update, download a new demo version and register it with your key.
  • Auto*des*sys, Inc. recently announced version 2.9.5 of their 3D modelling software, form-Z.

December 8th, 1997

  • MacWeek has a list of resources for 3D information on the net.
  • ATI has released an updated driver for its cards for use with Quake, making the ATI boards a good alternative to Techworks' Power3D card. Power3D's main default is that it can't be used with applications that draw windows (ie:that aren't full screen), making it useless with most standard 3D apps out there.
  • Bullseye Software has released a new 3D car racing game titled, "HotCarts". It's based on QuickDraw 3D and leverages RAVE.

December 3rd, 1997

  • MacWeek has an interesting article on OpenGL and compares it to QuickDraw 3D. Will OpenGL be the future 3D API of Rhapsody ? Will QuickDraw 3D still be there?
  • The Windows 95/NT installer for QuickTime 3.0b2 (the Developer Preview Release) contains QuickDraw 3D 1.5.3 ... a nice backdoor way to get people to install QD3D ... overnight, the population of Windows QD3D users has probably gone up massively.
  • Metacreations recently released Infini-D 4.1 for Windows (Mac users are limited to version 4.0)... This new release features Metacreations' Real Time Geometry technology for 3D ... imagine a proxy-like way of working with 3D ... fast!
    CGW magazine has a review of this new version.

November 15th, 1997

  • This is a minor wrap-up of events in October and November.
  • Apple has recently cut back on resources being plowed into QuickDraw 3D and has folded the QD3D group into the general QuickTime Media Layer. This has good and bad implications.

    The Bad
    QuickDraw 3D will develop slower than before. With less resources, look for new features and improvements to come slowly. QuickDraw 3D 1.6, originally slated for January 1997, has been delayed indefinitely. QuickDraw 3D 1.5.4, another round of bug fixes, is on deck for January.
    Performance issues. While QuickDraw 3D 1.5.3 was supposed to kill most outstanding bugs, QuickDraw 3D 1.6 was expected to be the performance and optimization release. Its "disappearance" is not good for developers.
    The Good
    Part of the QuickTime Media Layer. By being folded into the QTML group, QD3D is sure to benefit from all of the attention paid to QuickTime. Look for further integration between the two technologies.
    QuickDraw 3D everywhere. The plan seems to be to include QuickDraw 3D with the QuickTime 3.0 installer so that QuickDraw 3D becomes even more ubiquitous. This will help on Windows and will automatically increase the installed base of QuickDraw 3D on that platform.

  • Adrenaline Software recently released Adrenaline Charts SE, a version of their 3D charting software implemented as a stand-alone application instead of using OpenDoc. Based on QuickDraw 3D, a demo is available.
  • Quickdraw 3D 1.5.3 for Windows is available. The Mac version is here.
  • Pangea Software is giving away for their QuickDraw 3D-based graphics project, OreoAnimator.

September 5th, 1997

  • Apple has released QuickDraw 3D 1.5.3. This version contains mostly bug fixes and some optimizations.

August 19th, 1997

  • Apple has released QuickDraw 3D 1.5.3 to developers. Look for an end-user release soon. Unfortunately, no list of release notes is available yet. However, this release is supposed to fix numerous little bugs and quirks. It has delayed the release of QuickDraw 3D 1.6 until January or so ... QD3D 1.6 is known as the performance release.
  • Electric Cafe has released ModelShop VR beta 3. This new version contains numerous performance enhancements.

August 6th, 1997

  • MacInTouch is reporting on a last-minute cancellation of Apple's announcement of licensing OpenGL from SGI while at the Siggraph trade show.
  • Techworks is selling their Power3D cards at MacWorld Expo, before they are officially shipping.

August 4th, 1997

  • Radius announced important price cuts on their Thunder line of 3D cards.
  • Radius officially announced their Tempest line of graphics cards.

August 1st, 1997

  • Artifice Inc. has released Design Workshop 1.7. Design Workshop Lite 1.7 is available for downloading from their web site.

July 31st, 1997

  • Radius will soon be launching a line of lower priced 3D acceleration cards. Code-named Tempest, they will be available for around $400, well under Radius' existing line of $1000+ cards.

July 30th, 1997

  • Adrenaline Software shipped Adrenaline Charts 1.0 for Windows. It supports QuickDraw 3D, 3DMF and plug-in renderers.
  • Thinkfish Productions, developers of the innovative LiveStyles rendering technology, have merged with Viewpoint DataLabs.

July 28, 1997

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