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Quesa is a high level 3D graphics library, released as Open Source under the LGPL, which offers binary and source level compatibility with Apple's QuickDraw™ 3D API. Quesa does not contain any Apple source code, and was developed without access to Apple's QD3D implementation.

QD3D supports both retained and immediate mode rendering, an extensible file format, plug-in renderers, a wide range of high level geometries, hierarchical models, and a consistent and object-orientated API.

Quesa acts as a scene-graph on top of lower-level APIs such as OpenGL or Direct 3D.

What platforms does Quesa support?

Quesa currently supports Mac OS 8/9, Mac OS X, Linux, Windows, and Be. Images of Quesa running on various platforms can be found on the screenshots page.

How do you pronounce Quesa?

Quesa is pronounced kes-ah. Think Quesadilla, without the dia.

What now?

For more information, select one of the links on the left. If you're interested in learning more about Quesa, the mailing list is our primary means of communcation. If you need to file a bug, please do so using our Bugzilla server.

The latest release of Quesa is 1.6d18, released on 2003/08/15. To download the source, or pre-built binaries for Mac OS and Windows, see the download page.

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