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The latest release of Quesa is 1.6d18, released on 2003/08/15.

SDK releases containing pre-built binaries and demo applications are available for:

Quesa Download Quesa SDK 1.6d18 for Mac OS

Download Quesa SDK 1.6d18 for Windows

Releases containing full source code and API documentation are available for:

Source Download Quesa 1.6d18 for Mac OS

Download Quesa 1.6d18 for Windows

Download Quesa 1.6d18 for Unix

The most up-to-date Quesa source code is always available through our CVS server. If you are interested in developing with Quesa, we recommend that you use the CVS source rather than the latest snapshot to ensure you have the latest code. The following pre-configured CVS session files are available:

CVS Download Quesa CVS (MacCVS Pro)

Note: StuffIt archives are compressed in StuffIt 5 format - if you are using an older version of StuffIt Expander, you will need to obtain a more recent version from Aladdin.

Installation Notes (General)

Quesa can be built as either a static or a shared library. Please see the Building Quesa page for more details of this process, include where to find any additional header files you may need to perform a build.

The details of how to install shared libraries are platform specific, but typically you would place Quesa within your system's shared library search path and applications will bind to it automatically.

Installation Notes (Mac OS 8/9)

Since Mac OS includes Apple's QD3D libraries, you will need to replace some of these with their Quesa equivalents.

The files which should be replaced are:

  QuickDraw 3D          replaced by Quesa/Quesa Classic
  QuickDraw 3D Viewer   replaced by Quesa Viewer/Quesa Classic Viewer
  QD3DCustomElements    replaced by Quesa Elements
  N/A                   replaced by Quesa Gestalt
  QuickDraw 3D IR       replaced by N/A
  QuickDraw 3D RAVE     replaced by N/A

The "QuickDraw 3D" library must be removed for Apple's Interactive Renderer to bind to Quesa correctly.

Installation Notes (Mac OS X)

To install Quesa on Mac OS X, you must copy the library into the /Library/CFMSupport directory. This will make it available to all applications on the system.

Note that this directory may not exist on your Mac OS system, and may need to be created first.

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