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Posted by  Per Corell on August 11, 2002 at 23:35:11:

In Reply to:  Re: Close up of frames in small building posted by Makkinen on July 31, 2002 at 12:37:44:

There are several limitations, but a few of these point to side effects worth the trouble; "How do you make sure that one frame isn't to big for the standard workplane of round 9 X 12 feet ? ".
-------- Check the graphic placed here in this forum named a lock for 3D-H frames , this can easyli be placed at the butt end at a frame and be cut as standard assembly lock ,still it's not a lock that serve just this porpus, as it point to another weakness of the method ; the fact that all assembly must be done in one direction that is the direction all assembly slots point. A dome will be easy to project an assembly framework for but a globe will need two halves with some kind of locks between each frame even then you can distribute the locks ao they don't ann meet at a circle round the globe.
Guess you se this limitation, but hopefully also the countless side effects it will bring ; this butt-joint is just one type possible ,just develobing different frameworks in 3D allready shown a number of assembly methods for the individual frames to "lenghten" them to reach all way "round" in a framework structure.
------- Then this is another limitation, while this is not the old geostetic structure but rather the "opposite" of that while it's not a thin shell like structure but a framework structure fit for carrying a geostetic dome structure ; on the other hand this is both a limitation and a step forwerts at the same time, as now there are a geostetic like structure, that carry the strength that the geostetics dont carry.
But please se it this way that I could fill halve a book with the new aspects and to do so, I would need to describe the tradisional methods to explain why 2 plane constructions are easyer than the tradisional 3 plane constructions.
So ----- Yes there are serious limitations and if you check the different Yahoo sites, you will also se that the designer rely on his boatbuilding experience and not strait calculations, to determine the "mass" of the frameworks in the different applications, this is another serious limitation, that you tend to go back to "Roman bridgebuilding" designing the framework way to heavy compared with it's mass if you could calculate the ideal amount of frames for a specific framework.
About size the limitation must be in the assembly ; but in many applications this would be one of the possible positive side effects, as the idear in the assembly framework are fairly simple, it shuld be easy to make a one function robot do the job.

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