Re: computer vs freehand drawing (II)

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Posted by  Per Corell on September 10, 2002 at 05:18:03:

In Reply to:  Re: computer vs freehand drawing (II) posted by Zeid on September 09, 2002 at 01:19:47:

When I project a structure with the design tools I have had to develob as Lisp applications, I use a pen that is very much more "personal" than any pen I could buy. I used Airbrush a lot and know where I would use such, but why shuld there be a difference in the skabelons needed using an airbrush and the skabelons you use in a 3D session.
When I draw a 3D drawing I draw with my personal tool creating not an image but a real assembly of somthing that automaticly can be transfered into a presentation, ----- but what shuld be wrong with that, if what I do turn out to be a boat that perform better than any poster art. Sure a poster can be more impressing than the rendering of a 3D scene, but maby this is becaurse you need to spend that much more time than with a 3D rendering ; don't artists today take a photo and make that into a huge print that is then paintet over ?
----------- Still this kind of atr don't meet the same critics I first experienced in the early 90' ,where any architect talked about _exactly_ the same thing as in this discussion ; havn't architects even progressed since late 80' , now Im'e terrified.
Do arguments like that a pen bought in a shop worked on a piece of paper bought in another shop ,shuld perform a better house still count when anyone know that both directions have their own charm and how can it influence the quality of a projectet building, that it is projectet with tools that make it possible to focus on a new form language.
Why is it that these arguments that allway's been used to protect against new technology havn't founa a reasoble ballance so we can progress , ------- Oh , now I know ; I had 4 years at the architect acadamy here in copenhagen , as unsucribed student. But as I allready got a price in a contest and allready then knew all the 3D tricks and could do all those attitudes that was expectet from this new tool, I was acceptet to use the workshops and the acadamy. But suddenly I was told, that this artform was scrapped ; there was no such thing as computer art and the dangouras mashines shuld be placed in the different classes as the computer was no artform but a tool.
---------- Now so many years later, I participate in a discussion where the victory of the pen over a new artform are cellibratet once again , shiver my backbone and hand me a russian rule, so 3 architect can draw a line, two holding the rule and one drawing the line.

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