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Posted by  Per Corell on November 28, 2002 at 05:25:09:

In Reply to:  Just some questions no offence.. posted by Rico on November 26, 2002 at 01:52:58:

Sorry the delay ; connection down for a couple of day's.

Please se how this proposal was. In this town we have a famous theater and a ballet beside opera , --- these arts allway's been refered to the same old building, The Royal Theater , and now two things happen at the same time.
A rich ships brooker want to give the town a new Opera, and the old Theater are offered a new playhouse. The sites for both these buildings are situated on the opposite side of the harbour, so where I placed the twin buildings, are the two sites ; one for a playhouse paied by the state, and the other site for the opera officially payed by the shipsbrooker.
Now as a side story, it work so, that tax rules make it so, that the shipsbrooker can draw off the expenses for his gift from his tax, he bought the site cheap from the state and will now rent it to the state for the house his companies will build, for the money he save in taxes. ----- do you still follow ;))
All this is true and no plan for the traffic ,that allready are bad, as the site the ships brooker bought ,was a part of an historic naval base, now open for public and among the schools there now, are the architect school.
Anyway , ------ two buildings opposide as you can se at the picture. And then the shipsbrooker make no contest ,but hire his own architect who allready bounced the intire harbour with dark square glass temples , emty after 17. then his architect leave the job and a grill front are placed on the opera that the shipsbrooker made sure, are halve an Opera and halve a Supermarked ( he allready own a supermarked chain), as this is the future for arts, to be self supporting.
Now I hope I made this local thing clear ; what we had, was the perfect oppotunity with a dead cold harbour, that could be brought to life with a set of twin buildings ( my proposal ). but instead the ships brookers new Opera get bigger and bigger, changed image 3 or 4 times allready ; it allready followed _all_ the trends from dark glass to lighe blue glas into cormed edged glass and now the architect are back at the Lego box, as now they scrapped the grill front making the building compleatly nonsense.
Well - I did not yet mention the other building opposite, as this was in a contest as you know . Here a very neutral design was chosen, nothing spetacular but from my point of view, nothing realy fancy either ; a walkway along the harbour are the only thing, and it acturly just make the harbour more distance. But all in all these two buildings now projected and one one tenth build ugly, in a way don't want to "know eachother". One lay with it's side to the other and the other bombasticly pronounce a language it don't understand ; anyway 14 day's ago it was projected compleatly different so this proberly will change, with no result.

Now your question about my proposal must be seen with this background. I suggested a tunnel as you can se, but this was before the open contest for the playhouse, but in this contest I described this tunnel and an underwater theater room. beside the idear of twin buildings. Fact are that I only participated about new building technikes, and as it was a wish, that the building volumes would be able to expand, ----- this is very easy with 3D-H as even you change the building, it will still make the same impac in your mind.
So my proposal about twins were "impossible" as a shipsbrooker wantet to give halve an OPera halve a Supermarked ,and this was _his_.
No talk about what all visionary architects in the town been talking about since the 50' ; to make this cold emty harbour intergrate with the city, offering new arears .

Now I take no offence ,and know why you ask, ------- but there are a bigger picture about this, and it now turned into a very Dull image, as we will not get an open live harbour, ------ all possibilities went down the drain and then they still think this is a City that will attract turists ; ------ no tunnel this place are this wierd, and work against the intergration of arts we allway's had in this town.

But the last few day's I been working with a solution that make an end to all trafic problems, you se this is _so_ easy, and when I publish you will se what I mean ------

Iwill agrea with a lot of critics about this proposal, but it did not leave this kind of harbour, -----

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