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Posted by  Per Corell on April 12, 2003 at 00:50:58:

In Reply to:  Re: computer vs freehand drawing (II) posted by TONY on April 11, 2003 at 05:36:04:

You are quite right, very much computer generated works have an out of the can expression, ---- knowing different programs you know from the type of colors even, what program was the tool.
Still it is a bit unjust to state that generaly 2D tradisional emaginary perspective drawings like done for miliniums ,shuld be vorse or better than the lame try somone manufactor with tools that was even to use, for less then 20 years now.
The intire process _is different and acturly it is a common thing, to combine the two ; when you produce a tradisional 2D maind rendering you can trust your skills and emagination and combine these in a ´creative process but a lot of the options of this, is cut away with a 3D program, where you need to "think" in 3D , as you can not just erase a detail on a 2D plane drawing but must go into the 3D model, and from another view point move or change the detail, so you know that when perspective are added, your vision show more ballanced.
Also I agrea that 95 pct of socalled 3D drawings share very little artistic expression ; acturly much 3D works carry very little 3D anyway ,as most are sections and floor plans and rather technical drawings than pieces of arts offering a vision.
Still you can't blame the pen for a bad piece of art, and the critics about 3D , even relevant in many cases, is an old issue within the architectural world, ------- but please don't blame the few visionaries that acturly master this new media, realy you shuld blame a conservative inviroment, that from the right start have forced wrong expertations onto a new tool. -------- It is not the job of new tools to do what is allready done with the tradisional tools.
After working with 3D for more than 15 years , in a process you proberly will define as a combine of artistery and craft's , I seen the 3D been blamed for quite a lot ,but mainly the critics work with the expertations and not with the real issue of what new tools will bring, ----- on their own terms.
Guess the inventer of the car would be asked where the hey for the horse shuld be carried, and this also count for much 3D, that is expected to yield a copy of what you allready can produce with a pen and a piece of paper, but this is not fair.
Now the attached Link is a very old rendering where I had to write a program, to make a true 3D interpolation between two very different objects, ------ not to show how a single glass quickly turn into a whole bottle, but to show that interpolation is easy even between 3D objects, --- now it's difficult to express the way you had to work with these early 3D objects and methods, but a bit sad that some of the methods I used back then, is still thought to be among top technikes among architeects ( Disney concerthall surfaceworks and clumpsy frameworks ), ------ but how big a chance did 3D acturly have countet up against the often very rigid expertations.
I like to continue this discussion but will wait to se if there are any response.

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