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Posted by  Per Corell on April 19, 2003 at 04:21:51:

In Reply to:  Re: WTC proposal posted by J. Booth on April 18, 2003 at 23:36:05:

Thank's for your comments, ----- you are quite right that with concrete this idear must be carefully reconsidered. The background for this sketch is that at that time the twins concept allready was the main issue and by chance I allready was working with twins concept in several other applications, it's like this had been hounting me more than years before the WTC terror.
Also I used the structures you se, in various discussions, where the topic was fire protection and the structural strength of this 2 Plane framework structure.
Now with some other graphics my intention was to point to the members you se as concrete sheets as hollow steel tube-like 45 deg sections ----- hollow while this make it possible to flush parts of the structure and in a more clever way, as if you measure the distance from "bottom" of one section to it's top, this not just indicate a fairly low preasure case the intire simgle section are water filled, --------- but by placing a core within the section "tube" the amount of water between the core and the outher limits of the section block is minimised dramasiicly also possible adding the strength depending how the core is made.
So you are quite right ; this is rather a sketch to show a few very basic applications for an intergrated framework structure, and it fail both interiors ,floors just everything ------- but here come the "problem" with an intergrated framework ; that floor supports will "melt" into the structure so you can say, that Hangers simply do not exist ---------
Now I guess you can exchouse that beside, -- asyou point out, --- there are quite a few "details", ( beside that of the missing floors ), and one is about what nice people in this group pointed to ; that the mass of building structure shuld be smaller the higher the building rise.
I partly solved this problem, as you know the intire structure is unique towerds the one we know that I in this context describe as a "3 Plane" structure where I describe the 3D-H as a 2 Plane structure with all the gains this bring.
But what you can't se from the graphics, is the way internal structures "melt" into each "ring" of 45 deg section assembly works, ---------- somthing that I decided to wait to show, as even the 3D-H by most suddenly are reconised as somthing so simple, that you wonder why no one ever done this before, then I need to be very carefull to show to "complicated" frameworks ; they just seem complicated when you havn't seen the idear.
Anyway please check the "Testbench group" that I add as Link ; We almost forgot that this is about Twins but aswell about building a City ; here my attitude been a new technology that is very promising but still I seen my role as develobing the tools Architects "think" exist but acturly is most often just the old methods put into computer code, here 3D-H frameworks is a new but very early way to perform true Digital structures.

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