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Posted by  Per Corell on May 30, 2003 at 11:45:08:

In Reply to:  Re: Per Corell posted by Richard Haut on May 30, 2003 at 10:10:57:

Thank's for the nice words.
The Rabbit fence is a 2D thing ,emagine what options sheet material is compared gadget even how smart I never claimed to be an architect.
Im'e a designer and the projects I recall, is better than any lame claim , you se it's stronger ,cheaper and better .
I allway's rather wanted decent architects to promote sense building methods than promoting a tool for unlimited options where the direct link acturly producing is my obsession about this ; why bother artists when all they want, is to repeat the last fight for somthing beauty out of strait lines.
My concern never was the outlook, as being Designer even the actural thing in a new building method be the right ansver learning math.
If I provided a concert hall instead of a playhouse , then what do I care; it's there, easy to acturly produce and even wrapping one in structural framework and one in brick and stone , you somhow will produce the best options . My designs acturly work in very different inviroment ; the Digital , ------- where will you find somone challancing Lego mind ,except from where pyramides origine ;))
Now if you had the idear, that a Cabin at a third the cost, five times stronger , I just want to tell, what it's then made of.
Il'l upload a few more Manzard volume frameworks ; these is cut from steel sheet material so the cost is that of cut meters and inch thickness , You Architects shuld ask the technologies making an end to unessery paperworks ;))
Im'e a Designer not an Architect, and I am very critic but patient with architects.
Still as a Designer I must provide, then this is my obsession ; as things can be made nicer, what's wrong doing that , Architects as I se them promoted, know nothing about computers and Bilbao as described while I seen, is nothing of the sort, not even a resort.
I just learned a new "social", they put dirt on you then they say you stink. ---- How can architecture learn about Le.Corb without seing, that those square boxes can be made better and stronger, - .
Im'e no hippie just becaurse I cover the whole process ,the different 3D frameworks that anyone can produce as box forms for doing cheap and better houseworks is here ,not my foult it work ;))
Please se it like this ; the flat cut assembly blocks, that a third the cost, make your grandson work with advanced Math. as I seen a lot do with Digital already . Math is an universal language 3D-H just seem a bit more sense being that of an actural direct link to production . Just the fact or luck, that the assemblies is any sheet material. Digital is any respect the new gadged in any craft's and if 3D-H is somthing, it is a 2-Plane method, forming an intergrated framework object, that you can cut in full-scale, any material and form 3D from 2D. Doing you a small Cabin or a nice boat in assembly framework .
Try follow a section any direction, is this sheet material or not, can this be produced as instant formwork in cheap steel forms, yes ,but why not do it better. 3D-H do everything better, by offering a 2D way, to form a building structure four times as strong ,true then if designing is not doing the best then What's wrong about progress peace and joy ;))

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