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Posted by  Per Corell on July 01, 2003 at 09:27:49:

In Reply to:  Re: Part project posted by Deidre Rachid on July 01, 2003 at 08:54:35:

You are quite right, ------ even there is a few details about the structure, that acturly make it a very different concept overall.
The structure as you se here, is totaly missing the core you mention beside the floor and wall support beams, but the great difference is, that this is how you would "think" this sort of structure ; as a structural surface ,where then the "rest" of the building is seen as totaly different parts. With WTC one and two, there was a strong surface "mesh" , and the floors was then in the only way we know, placed supported by hangers, with sort of knees and bolts , making just this corner assembly the weak point.
Now this is 3D-H, this mean that every building frame is produced from sheet material and just "woven together , in assembly slots all in same direction. But a Center core, and floors that go in one, with a compleatly flat assembly ring, will not carry the weak point of hangers and bolts, -------- the strength of the structure is ballanced by how tight a structure and in what degree, floors go in one with the center core , that way even elevator sharfts will "grow" as by magic , while ring by ring is forming the whole.
Please check a smaller structure, where you se collums form in an X seen from above, not as you would emagine just as a sheet from floor to floor , still with this structure, the frame direction is another one than this , please look closer how floor and esp. how collums simply "grow" while assembling ;

As you suggest, the core structure will be a very important issue, ------ but it is also my task, to show that even this, will be formed automaticly, if it is projected in the 3D drawing.
So it is very important to realise, that even you can find structures with or partly with same expression, the core structure is way different and the technology producing 3D-H can not be compared the mesh like structures ,as 3D-H bring not an "emty shell" but the shell and floors, walls, and center core in one go, this you can not produce with a surface mesh.

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